Charhinest: On the front foreground economy

Chairman of the International Commission of the Republic Nikolai Cherginets in an interview with "Freedom" said: "This meeting has shown willingness to 2-presidents to solve issues of the Belarusian-Russian cooperation, based on the realities, relationships, such as those that have already been established and the current realities of the Days".
By Nicholas Charhinets views, "he temper meeting allows to conclude that the country will develop a business based on the Contract of the Union State of 8 December 1999. But apparently now extends across front plan issues such as those to nedavneshnego time sounded. This — Constitutional Act, the single currency. Apparently favorites decided that it will come by itself. But after, how it will solve a very fundamental questions of the economy. At least, is the creation of a single customs space, access to the right products for specific prices 2-states, tax issues … "
Political scientist, Doctor of Philosophy Vyacheslav Orgish also notes the transition from political slogans to the economy:
"In my opinion, the problem here is that an attempt to draw in Belarus so referred to the Federal Government, first on political grounds, the Kremlin is not yet possible. And the Kremlin has decided to act because of economic, so to speak, real means. We watch the Russian business all sorts of means trying to infiltrate our country and to establish control over the main objects of the Belarusian economy.
And only later, from a position of economic pressure can be (So, it seems, talk in the Kremlin) dozhimat Belarus and Reddish House in political matters. First, in matters relating to the establishment of political control over the Belarusian state. "
Educator Metropolitan Municipal Institute of international relations Kirill Koktysh does not see in the approaches to the Belarusian Dmitry Medvedev perspective of something extraordinary:
"I would put it this way, it is a logical continuation of the policy of the Russian Federation, which was held last 8 years under President Vladimir Putin. Indeed, he always said, that the main thing — it is an economic foundation. Was only after the political integration can be. Because President Medvedev began to develop this strategic line.
Also in Russia, new abilities. It comes during the modernization of its economy. And in a period of very severe shortage of human resources. So we can talk about the agreement, according to which our motherland opens doors to labor from Belarus. And specifically these questions were closed with 2 between the presidents. "

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