Chelyabinsk region: the villagers Rose got the keys from new apartments

October 1, 2012 in the Chelyabinsk region ended with the implementation of the first two phases of the regional target program "The displacement of the zone of active landslides, the construction of social and physical infrastructure, land reclamation in the coal mine" Korkinsky. "

Two buildings in Kopeysk and Korkino already populated, two more will be put into operation before the end of the year.

Resettlement is for the safety of residents — Korkinskie cutting edge, where there is a settlement Rose crumble. In the first move of the damaged houses. The entire resettlement process will last several years.

I had to leave the house, which is associated with decades of life. The new apartments have still not blown away the smell of paint, and no furniture. But Valentina Pavlovna did not go home, and flutters. Former communal conditions woman remembers with a shudder, and not even because the street mid-October. At a modest forty square meters huddled whole family tree. "There was a damp, the windows were even afraid to touch. Everything was in a terrible state," — says Valentina Lyaschevskaya, a former resident of the village Rose.

The new five-storey building in Korkino erected in record time. The yard is landscaped, there is a playground in the spring will be lawns. The house is completely ready for occupancy. Conducted heating, gas, water, electricity and other creature comforts. And the first families have begun to call. In the near future apartment obzhivut forty three families.

See what conditions are created for the settlers, came to the governor. Mikhail Yurevich handed the keys to the first tenants, but for how long Korkino not stay — on the order of a similar procedure in Kopeysk, where, by the way, and will move to live most of the residents of the village Rose. The new head of the house of the region met not with bread and salt, and tea and tasty treats. 

 The governor noted that the program of resettlement of slum-emergency housing has affected not only the residents of the Rose. "There will be new good neighborhood — told the Chelyabinsk Region Governor Mikhail Yurevich. — Behind you laid kindergarten, playgrounds are being made, trucks will go directly to Chelyabinsk. And the quality of finish on the ball: and immediately call in live, nothing else to do."

As part of the resettlement program decided to build two more houses in the village of Rose, because there are those who want to stay there.

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