CHETRA industry will recover Karelia

Representatives of the mining and road construction companies in the Republic of Karelia in the real world could assess the possibility of a wide range of modernized Russian equipment brand "CHETRA."

On the territory of the sand pit, LLC "Petrozavodsk DRSU" (Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia), representatives of major companies such as the Company "Medvezhegorsky crushed stone plant", LLC "Kondopozhskiy schungite Plant", JSC "Karelstroimekhanizatsiya" NPK "Carbon Shungit" was attended to test-drive one of the most sought after models dozing and ripping equipment CHETRA T15.
Participants of the presentation as part of a test-drive rated power, comfort and quality of domestic industrial machinery CHETRA and shared their impressions about the new Russian equipment CHETRA:

Head of Procurement Department "Kondopozhsky schungite factory" A. Bondarenko: "Our company is interested in acquiring technology that is domestically produced, because its price is lower than imported products. But the quality for us is playing a major role. This bulldozer our attention the possibility of the blade: he controlled what is needed in our work for konusovaniya rubble that we produce and sell. "

Master Mechanic "Medvezhiegorsk crushed stone plant" Nicoline GY: "A technique CHETRA we know firsthand. Our fleet of equipment has a bulldozer CHETRA T25, which shows itself very worthy and quarrying (cleaning units) and auxiliary (pushing broken stone, gravel). At the presentation of my colleagues and I are interested in satellite system, with which you can keep track of fuel, which is very important for our company to date. "

Representatives of developing "Sevpromresurs" was told that when buying equipment primarily pay attention to the production unit components — it is imported or Russian — and the "price-quality". And on the basis of the presentation of the company praised the performance demonstrated by the domestic appliances CHETRA.

In 2010, in the Republic of Karelia were closed almost all the gravel plants. In 2011, some of them are planning to restore the work and generates annual plan for equipment procurement. Heavy machine brand CHETRA occupy about 30% of the total volume sold in the Republic of mining equipment.
Today, "Concern" Tractor plants "has the most extensive dealer network consisting of 130 dealers and more than 50 specialized centers. For the Russian manufacturer is very important that his technique can contribute to the recovery of the industry growth rate of Karelia and the entire country.

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