CHETRA released the Olympic bulldozers

In Cheboksary the assembly line "Promtractor" (holding "Concern" Tractor plants ") came off the bulldozers CHETRA, named in honor of the Russian athletes who won medals in weightlifting at the XXX Olympic Games in London in 2012.

On this day, the capital of Chuvashia first visited the star athletes to leave autographs inscribed on bulldozers and excavators to open serial production CHETRA EGP-230.

Svetlana Tsarukaeva and Natalia Zabolotnaya awarded innovative Russian excavator stylized Olympic gold medal, thus giving the signal for the sales backhoe champion, who gained recognition in the professional environment at the international and Russian exhibitions.

Descended from the conveyor bulldozers CHETRA bear the names of all the Russian weightlifters who have risen to the medal podium in London. Russian athletes to glorify the power of the country on the world of sports arenas, support domestic machine builders

Reliability, power and benefit Russian bulldozers will embody the victories Albegova Ruslana, Tatyana Kashirina, Alexander Ivanov, Apti Auhadova, Natalia Zabolotnaya and Svetlana Tsarukaeva.

Olympians have not only adopted the new technology, but also learned about how it is produced, having made a tour of the production of "Promtractor." To understand the history of Russia and the world of tractor, the Olympians visited the only in Russia "Museum of the tractor", which has a unique exhibition of vintage tractors for the first half of the twentieth century and later time.

Check in weightlifting in Cheboksary coincided with a landmark for the city that served to Olympic athletes together with the residents of the city to experience the joy of creative perception of history. After the restoration of the unique wall art statue based on the works of Wassily Kandinsky in October 2012, has found new life.


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