CHETRA supplies bulldozers second generation of NLMK

A comprehensive dealer CHETRA "Grand-Tractor" has shipped three bulldozers CHETRA T20.02 second generation of one of the world's largest steel companies JSC "NLMK".

  • bulldozer CHETRA T-20.02
  • bulldozer CHETRA T-20.02

The enterprise technology will be used in work on the movement of ash for further processing. Until the end, "Grand-Tractor" will put another 3 bulldozer less traction class for OJSC "NLMK".

In the new bulldozers CHETRA T20.02K introduced for the "smart tractor." 

Delivery of machines have a modern ergonomic design. Electronic carried out with the help of joysticks. Also reduced the level of vibration in the workplace. This creates a comfortable environment for the operator technique and reducing their fatigue. Pressurized cabin with double glazing is around visibility. The operator's cab is equipped with air conditioning, which is important when working in the shops of the enterprise, which smelts metal.

In the new CHETRA T-20.02K you can automatically control the speed of the crankshaft the engine when shifting gears. Now, in order to change the direction of movement of the machine, the operator only need to press the button — everything else will do it for automation: reduce the speed of the crankshaft engine, switch the direction of motion and increase the engine speed to the parameters set by the operator.

All of this allows for a smooth change of motion bulldozer. This reduces the load on the operator as well as an optimal mode of operation of the tractor systems, allows you to save fuel and increase the productivity of the machine.

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