Digital sleeping pills — an application for iOS

It helps you fall asleep within 10 minutes without pills or special training. The application helps the user vyrabat special deep breathing yoga method, whereby a person ceases production of cortisol — a hormone voltage value, and the user quickly falls asleep. Also in the app is integrated nightlight option. When activated, a lamp, the room will fill in the soft light of the phone's screen, which is to disable the timer. Video tells about the method in more detail.

In winter, this app was released for Android. For six months he has downloaded 30,000 users.

Since the application has been welcomed, it was decided to port it to iOS.

Average demonthe paid version on the platform of Android — 3,82.

Average full version — 5.

Link to ratings in all countries of the world, where "Sleeping pills" for OS Android is in the top 500:

Full version



IOS version is much improved. First, there was a beautiful design. Second, the free version is not advertising.

Here — some user reviews Android (see them at this link)

5 + Super prog!I used to fall asleep for 2-3 hours, and now 5 minutes and I passed out! This, though not the full version, but still effective!

The real action Haaha! And helped me, really works! 🙂 It's like a TV set to chop off)))

and what? Screen blinks every 5 seconds … And how can it put to sleep?? Paradoxically, but puts in a minute … Raised its rating to 5. Thank you

Best Thought nonsense! T.k.vesit But a little and I have a problem with sleep-Download! Immediately opened, check! 20 seconds. Watched, then turned off the breathing and realized that dying to sleep, can you imagine! This is hypnotic, and no harm to the body! HUGE THANK YOU!))))

Here is the thing! I thought that does not help, turned sat two minutes, I thought that the crap? and turned off in a minute was fast asleep)))


A link to a free version for iOS and full description.

Link to the full version for iOS and full description.

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