Dzyady — 2008: online reporting

15.35 Kurapaty rally ended. People all together sang "God Almighty." Now they put candles, flowers lozhut install kryzhy.15.25 Deputy Chairman of the CCP BPF Sergey P. ..



Valery Buffalo, secretary answers the CCP BPF, said at the rally — "We must follow the example of courageous Georgian people and defend our homeland in accordance with the Constitution of the brutal occupier."

15:10 At the rally, the deputy chairman of the CCP BPF Yury Belenky, who urged people every year and comes in Kurapaty Chelyuskinites Park, where there were mass executions. Sovereign Belenky asked not to allow any Russian company built a casino in the park.

Column walking down the street Kalinowski (10Mb)

Essentially there were two different rally. CCP-BPF — own upstairs BPF Party — Own below, which ended very rapidly. Lavon made Barshcheuski, participants observed a minute of silence in memory of the victims of Stalinist repression. After that, people laid flowers to Kurapaty crosses. Speaker Barscheuski (4,3 Mb) A meeting of the CCP BPF still lasts. Buffalo said Valery present that yesterday evening in Kurapaty were detained minors vandals who destroyed the crosses. He assured that people will find out the truth on whose order the children worked, and the guilty will be punished.
Deputy Chairman of the CCP BPF Sergei Popkov, stressed that the tradition of processions in Kurapaty lived for 20 years and will live. Valery Buffalo read the text appeals favorite games Poznyak.

, 14:55
In Kurapaty came
Maya Klyashtornaya daughter repressed poet Todor Klyashtorny. For health reasons she could not have to go together with the column all the way. Maya Todorovna knows what it mean for current Dzyady:

"This day means almost everything. Main thing — it’s waking up people. People will move here in Kurapaty, and demonstrate how they are awakened. I am glad that Belarus will not fall asleep. And I personally principle that such community nothing creepy. Here all one heart. "

In Kurapaty began cooperative rally, sing the hymn "God Almighty." The first speaker was press secretary of the CCP BPF Valery Buffalo. He knows that to mean Dzyady Belarusians. Speaker Valery Buffalo (3,8 Mb)
Buffalo said Valery present that yesterday evening in Kurapaty were detained minors vandals who destroyed the crosses. He assured that people will find out the truth on whose order the children worked, and the guilty will be punished. 14:35 Column CCP BPF started Godmother oil Kurapaty. In the tract is even more hundreds of people. People carry a large white-red-white flag 18 x 9 meters.
14:20 Head of the column of the CCP BPF is already near the underpass under the Minsk ring road, a few minute time walk to Kurapaty.

Column BNF is quite close to their

13:45 Column CCP BPF party passed t
he intersection with Logojsky tract. Spacing between with 2 columns — about 1 kilometer. It is understood that at the meeting of the CCP BPF will read a proclamation favorite games Poznyak. At the second meeting, BPF perform Lavon Barshcheuski and Vladimir Orlov.

Interview with Yuri Belenky (1Mb)

13:20 Front of the column BPF that comes from the East cemetery presently the street grizzled bear the great bell. The column Lavon Barshcheuski Ivashkevich Nyaklyayeu Ales Marochkin, Dashkevich, Franak Vyachorka, Eugene Afnahel. Youth sings songs: "I was born here," "Pursuit". According to the organizers, in the procession of about a thousand people participates

Says Victor Ivashkevich (2,8 Mb)

13:05 The participants of the procession of the CCP BPF through megaphones asked last political prisoner Andrei Kim, who encouraged the youth not to forget about the patriarchs. For him, this was the third march on Dzyady. Now Kurapaty youth installs custom cross in memory of those killed during the repression in the 1930s.

Speaker Nyaklyayeu

12:20 On the Eastern Cemetery people laid flowers on the graves of Vasil Bykov, Vladimir Korotkevich, Misha Tkachev, Pimen Panchenko, Igor Hermyanchuk, Gennady Karpenko, Anatoly Bogatyrev, Stephanie Stanyuta, Vladimir Mulyavin. Were rather short speech Barscheuski, Vintsuk Vyachorka, poet Nyaklyayeu read a poem dedicated to Vasil Bykov.

Speaker Nyaklyayeu (2,8 Mb)

12:15 The column was held near the State Library. People sing "God Almighty." By columns joined by one of the favorites of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Paul Seviarynets. Says Andrew Kim (0,5 Mb) 12:05 Deputy chairman of the Conservative Christian Party BPF, Yury Belenky, saw the procession began from one second to Kurapaty: CHelyuskincev Park in 1930 also shot people. An hour before the parade party activists laid flowers to the cross erected in the Park CHelyuskincev. The column was a lot of those who participated in the defense of Kurapaty in 2001: Vitaliy Koshelev
Dmitry KaspiarovichTimofei Dranchuk

and others.
People with flowers and white-red-white flags began to gather at the site near the East cemetery. Policemen on duty near the cemetery. 11:55 To join processions people. In the column, according to our correspondent, about 500 people. Organizers say that in the procession are participating already about a thousand people., 11:40
First column is Petro Shashkel, who was convicted in pavtaragodovym age. For him, this is the 20 th Dzyady.
For the first time in 20 years in the procession to Kurapaty not perceive the role Maya Klyashtornaya

daughter of the repressed in the 30s poet Todor. Ms. Klyashtornaya states that can not go for health reasons, but in her heart she together with the participants of the procession.

Deputy Chairman of the CCP BPF Yury Belenky explained to our reporter why the marchers from the time the plant will not be merged with the column, which is going to the Eastern Cemetery. "We fought for many years specifically for this gathering place for Dzyady in the ce
nter of town. Because this year we filed the same claim, as past years. Unpleasant in case we would have lost this place," — said Belenky Yury Belenky "Kurapaty became a procession of the Belarusian people" (5,3 Mb), 11:20 The column began to move. Headed streamers "Dzyady" and 10 new crosses. People with flowers, white-red-white flags. Participants in the midst of those who were at the rally in Kurapaty 20 years ago — the painter, Gregory Kiyko. policy Yuri Belenky, Sergei Popkov Valery Buffalo Streamers "Young Belarus remembers," "Almost Kurapaty victims", "Defend Belarus from Russian imperialism." Painter,Ales Pushkin

, 11:00
About 150 people gathered at the moment about the watch factory. Fluttering white-red-white flags, orange flags with the inscription "Young Belarus" and the flag of the "Initiative". Are leaders of the CCP BPF Yury Belenky, Sergei Popkov, Valery Buffalo, former political prisoners

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