Food prices fell in Russia unprecedented


On average, products fell by 5, 5%, on certain categories of goods — by 40%.
The Public Chamber regularly examines the movement in prices of basic foods. According to the observations of experts, the fall in food prices continues for five months. "Similar stories grocery deflation in Russia still was not fixed," — said in a statement.

The cost of the food basket in August amounted to 1,470 rubles, which is only two rubles more than in November 2010.
Most of the reporting period fell potatoes (39, 7%) and vegetable set for borscht (26, 9%), due to the arrival on the market of a new crop of vegetables. Fears that the vegetables become more expensive due to the prohibition of exports from Europe did not materialize. In the list of decliners was chicken products (6%). Eggs, butter and cheese, on the contrary. More expensive — 13, 9%, 9, 6%, 4, and 1%, respectively. Prices for other products have not changed.

Petersburg was in the top three cities with the largest deflation — along with Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod.
According to experts, in the future prices will remain at the same level. Objective conditions for further growth there, with the exception of the "speculative inflation" on the eve of the new year. Interestingly, back in May, the Public Chamber stated that the number of positions the prices of products in Russia reached the European level, and in some cases surpassed it.

However, the territorial administration of Federal State Statistics Service said in St. Petersburg 3.2% increase in prices.

"Rosstat data seem to me more objective, — says Alexei Deviatov analyst" Uralsib ". The food prices are now actually growing more slowly than in the non-food goods and services. This dynamic persists for two to three months. This is primarily due to a decline in world food prices, as Russia imports 15% of the products. On the other hand, in 2011 Russia will gather quite a good harvest, "- said the analyst. At the same time, he said, it is a temporary and seasonal factors, as core inflation is not only growing, but also accelerating. By the end of the year, inflation is likely to exceed forecasts MEDT.

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