Gomel: Treadmill tax for all people — it is incorrect

Lady: "Never very badabout attitude. Have a salary that 12 percent of the tax will be sensitive to me. "
Lady: "Tax must be progressive. If a person gets a huge salary if he has a lot of money, let him pay more "
Man: "If the total income exceeds 15 million, then take a 15 per cent tax. Earlier abroad take 9 percent. A fifteen and nine — 24. Divide in half — goes twelve. But not everyone has a gross income above 15 million. Innovation affects household budget, on a person’s income. "
Lady: "I understand that the new tax is introduced at the request of the workers. I like working, I wish to ask why I own a salary of 10-15 million per year should pay as much as paid by those who receive 50 million. "
Man: "In the present system is very bureaucrat pays 30 per cent tax. If you introduce a 12 percent tax, then he will pay taxes on 18 percent less. A saleswoman instead of 9 percent will pay twelve. "
Man: "Wages at all — different, and tax — monotonous. This is incorrect!"
Man: "We have a man who calls himself president, says: we socio-oriented government. Obviously for these taxes, it is socially aimed at people in power, that have lot of money. And my grandmother would pay 12 percent, and a large namenklyaturnik that gets 7 million per month. "
Man: "I believe that it is incorrect. Who earns more, and he should pay more taxes."
Man: "The negative attitude. I — a poor man, I — unemployed. What else can I take?"
Man: "Treadmill tax for all people — this is incorrect. Not all the same people are equally earn. Ordinary people working, for example, factories, should not pay tax monotonous — 12 percent."
Lady: "What reforms soon mode does is only to the detriment of the people. "

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