Grodno on regional television no longer sounds the Belarusian language

TV and Radio Company "Grodno" currently manages Nicholas Melyachenko. He started as a reporter, doing sports events in the Belarusian language. I asked him what caused the transfer news release on the Russian language? Remains whether Byelorussian TV in general?
Melyachenko"The Belarusian language will be leaving program that will talk about the Belarusians abroad. It will come out with a new season, every week."
CorrespondentBut the latest example program is planned to start in September. Now any applets in the Belarusian language is not. What caused the transfer news release on the Russian language?
Melyachenko"Well, this is such a widespread trend in all regions this situation happened that all announcements on regional Russian language, and on the central channels too. May need, speak out so more announcements in the Russian language, we’re doing. "
On the days are still the leading newscast read Belarusian, but all the subjects was in Russian. Now in the Russian language is all quite, says Melyachenko himself crosses the Russian language.
Melyachenko (In Russian): "This is the trend this TV in the country, because themselves are aware, in any case, this does not mean that we are going to strengthen their identity, if we are in Belarusian, right? Everything in some degree are patriots. If the news Belarusian, this does not mean that we show patriotism, and if the Russian, the opposite, no, of course. "
BPF members sent a letter to the emperor Melyachenko. The boy says Sergey — Managing regional structure of the party:
"When was this statement Grodno ablteleradye new manager, we immediately sent from the city organization BPF letter in his name with the requirement to keep the Belarusian language at least in the news. After Russification and so is full. Clearly, this man, who lived Grodno, he grodnenets, and we believe that the tradition of language should retain at least in the western regions of Belarus, Grodno. But there is a policy of the country, and this policy is aimed at unification in including this also applies to the language problem. "
Managing Broadcasting Company "Grodno" Nikolai Melyachenko states that a letter from the city organization BPF received, but to respond to it will not be.

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