Henryk Litwin: Poland — Belarus: pragmatic dialogue

Kalinowski‘Sire salting as you generally can describe the state of relations between Belarus and Poland in the political, economic and humanitarian fields? "
Litvin"This is a situation which can be called as a pragmatic dialogue. Remain certain tasks that restrict the ability of very active contacts at all levels. This problem associated with communication as the EU and Belarus, as well as with bilateral relations. We still have not managed to solve all these problem, but once in both directions, as I believe, it is understood that as neighbors we have a certain duty to the societies of the future. And there are questions to which we must pursue reasonable dialogue. That’s all for the economy, ecology, common border. These are things that can not be neglected, and no level of political difficulties does not justify the lack of action.
Both parties understand that, mindful of the dilemmas, we must act in certain cases. Governors meeting held customs and border services, intergovernmental economic commission, Ministry of Culture, the Commission in the protection of cultural heritage. In the end, consultations were held at various levels between the representatives of our Ministry. And it happened in the past few months. From this perspective, we can read about the intensification of dialogue, so before that for almost a year, there were no meetings. "
Kalinowski"And in what area you notice more progress?"
Litvin"There is progress in cooperation border services. Number of cases decided in the meeting of the Economic Commission for conducting dialogue in Augustow Canal, Bialowieza Forest, various cultural projects. In almost all practical matters, we can make progress, but without addressing the major problems that can not be endlessly. "
Kalinowski"Can I read that the conflict over the Union of Poles now exhausted?"
Litvin"No, it’s not find their own solution. And we have to deal with a situation where, on the one hand, there is the Alliance of Poles in Belarus, which is supported by the authorities, and on the other — there is the Alliance of Poles, control of which is recognized by the Polish side as a favorite according to the Constitution. But, on the other hand, it does not recognize the Belarusian authorities. This situation can not be called useful for cultural and educational development of the Polish minority in Belarus. Specifically last us more worried. "
Kalinowski"He has contacts with the Polish government circles control the Union of Poles priklnnyh Belarusian management?"
Litvin"No, the decision official contacts between representatives of the Polish government and municipal authorities and representatives of the organizations do not support it."
Kalinowski"Support for the Polish authorities Angelika Borys and other control authorities of the unrecognized Union of Poles in Belarus recently caused in the shown on BT propaganda movie" Network "in the address accusations of Poland in interfering in the internal affairs of Belarus and even in training, coupled with the Yankees coup. How did you react to these charges? "
Litvin"What will be the official response, we will see. This series, whose heroes — not only Poles, and a number of EU states. Because we still need to consult among themselves how to respond to it. From experience, we know that although the TV that indicates the film, is a community, if our protests usually answer that it look moviemakers that the media here are free and will operate according to its creators beliefs … I can say that there are no circumstances and reasons to make attacks on the address of Poland concerning the brutal behavior towards its neighbors in the past 18-19 years. Out and the smallest provocation. Polish politicians have not made any of the 1st movement, which would indicate that such threats by at least some of the political forces. This is totally unfounded accusations. "
Kalinowski"Objections to the Belarusian side has caused the introduction of" Card of the Pole "for the Belarusian people of Polish descent. Some time from the beginning of this case has passed. Tell me what you want to scale?"
Litvin"Sums up another advance. Procedure for obtaining" Card of the Pole "very difficult, you need to collect documents, meet with twice consul … While we still have no idea about the extent of this phenomenon. When taking this Act" Polish Card ", with our parties do not have any expectations about the number. were only press speculation. Who want — ask for this card, and if he can finish the function, then get it. How will such persons — is based on their own will. No conviction that each who feel a Pole want to get this card, there is no belief that anyone who want to have a card feels Pole. This form of moral damages, which the Poles in the homeland offered Poles abroad, relatives who remained for a long time without our support. Everything connected with the "Card", is realized only on the terrain of Poland, outside it does not matter. for anybody. "
Kalinowski"Yet some Belarusian officials believe that the" Map "is set here as well. Not so long ago the philosopher Valentin Akudovich said that he sees a" Polish Card "" danger to the formation of the Belarusian identity ":" After all, through the "Pole’s Card" these people no longer suspended and completely will really associate themselves with Poland and thus moving away from Belarus. "Can you argue with him?"
Litvin"Yes. Those people who seek to" Polish Card "- people who without this card considered themselves Poles. And it does not hurt to live in Belarus, to feel connected with Belarus, with its neighbors, many of them have mixed Polish-Belarusian, Catholic-Orthodox families. And henceforth it will not interfere with them to be associated with Belarus. Ability to travel to Poland for the continued residence there for more than 10 years. Poles who wished to have the opportunity to relocate. Such people may still appear due with what is happening in general at the moment in the world, many people go to the best work abroad. Poland at the moment it is easy to get a work permit for foreigners. And without the "Card of the Pole."
Because I think that such a danger. If some people feel themselves bound with Poland, then tried to reach does not "Card of the Pole", and repatriation. That up until now can be. "
Kalinowski"The Polish government is financing several media projects aimed at the Belarusian audience: channel" Belsat "Radio Radio Station. Not so long ago, some Belarusian opposition politicians said about the ineffectiveness of their work. As the Polish government appreciates the work of the media?"
Litvin"Here it is necessary, maybe say a few words about how these initiatives work such kind in Poland. Polish government official expressed on these initiatives by grant or refusal to grant funds for their implementation. This initiative public or private, that within procedures available to the Government claim their projects for funding. And this decision is approved or not. If a positive decision structure receives funding for the year. Subsequent times authorities can express their attitude towards these initiatives will come when the project costs for the next year.’s all. Timekeeping no impact. course, that the authorities listen to what kind comments about the sound of these media projects, take this into account. But no direct impact. Managing these media is independent in carrying out their own policies. "
Kalinowski"Hundreds of Belarusian students expelled from Belarusian universities for political reasons, are able to study in Poland on behalf of the Polish government programm Constantine Kalinowski. Will you continue
this programm this year, and what are its features for this year?"
Litvin"It’s just like with media projects. Clear that this year will be the continuation of the applets, and that will continue, we will be able to tell exactly when it will be approved by a decision on the budget for the following years. This year organizers applets got proof of continued funding, and will soon be set. Nearly all depends on how many people will be asked to include them in the program. know that there are about 80 seats for this year.’ll see what will be intrigued. lot to convince me that one of the effects Applets Kalinowski came reduction in the number of persons who for political reasons expelled from universities. "
Kalinowski"How changed work of the Polish Embassy in Minsk and the Polish consulates in other towns after Poland’s accession to the Schengen agreement?"
Litvin"Job changed so that half of calls at the moment — it is a request to assist in obtaining a visa. Joke But it faster than the answer to the question … significant configuration. Very increased amount of personal work over the consuls each visa. Procedure spelled correctly. Earlier Consul could from time to time to make a decision himself. Not now. Currently we have the least intersection border than in the past year, the number of visa applications has decreased. many But we were able to explain that we can not only get a Schengen visa, yes and Polish national, over a cheap — reusable one-year visa costs 35 euros. Same Belarusian visa costs 100 euros. "
Kalinowski"Tell me, sire amabsadar if you read" the Belarusian military newspaper "with a review by Andrzej Wajda’s film" Katyn "?
Litvin"Yes, you read, of course."
Kalinowski"What is your reaction?"
Litvin"On the topic of the movie with the editors or the creator will not discuss. If he does not like it, that’s his business. If you read about the relation to historical facts, the controversy of mandatory, because the state of knowledge on the topic creator has not changed in some places the late 60s. Was protest embassy in structures that govern this edition. And we have gained that will be placed our response to this article in the same newspaper. "
Kalinowski"And when will premiere in Minsk A. Wajda’s film" Katyn "?"
Litvin"We’re trying to organize, began training. It’s hard enough as we wish it was the official presentation of the film, we wish that were Belarusian subtitles. It would be perfect to show at this present moviemakers. We will try to not one, but several of these showed the film "Katyn" in Belarus came out this fall. "

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