Holding RKTM started producing cars at its own casting

Holding RKTM released the first freight car on its own foundry. This event was preceded by a reception ECM-Stal (part of the holding structure) permit marking the main nodes trucks — frames and beams side bolster. Experts Railways and FAZHT conducting the certification, noted the high quality of the cast, and in particular, the robust frame construction side, which is a proprietary engineering center RTKM. Pilot testing confirmed that the frame can withstand the load and has reinforced the best among domestic manufacturers of mechanical-strength properties.

"We have taken another step towards raw material security and strengthen its position in the market. Issue of cars on their own casting marks a new stage in the transformation of the company into an integrated producer of freight rolling stock with a full cycle of works. Precisely for such manufacturers — the future", — General Director of the Criminal Code of the holding RKTM Pavel Ovchinnikov.

It is assumed that after the release of ECM-Steel on holding capacity will increase production to 12 thousand cars a year.


It is worth recalling that the innovative production line for large car casting design capacity of 30,000 tonnes per year was put into operation on the VCR-Steel in 2011. Supplier delivered the world's largest manufacturer of molding equipment HWS-Sinto (Germany).

Technology vacuum film forming is considered the most advanced in the world: it provides vysokoekachestvo castings for their relative cheapness, and also has high levels of environmentally friendly production. In addition to ECM-Steel, it is implemented on two Russian companies — Promlit (Cheboksary) and TVSZ (Tikhvin). In 2011-2012. CME-certified steel production of key parts bogie? beam bolster and side frame. In 2013, the plant received the right to market a complete car sets. According to the experts of "Russian Railways" Rostransnadzora, Inc. NEC "Cars", JSC "VNIIZhT" FBI "Mordovia UCM" Register of Certification on the Federal Railway design features of products, "CME-Steel" recognized as unique and recommended as a model for other Russian producers. Due to a good and stable quality of the metal heat treatment process average toughness acute impact at minus 60 ° C is 25.0 J / cm2, whereas the majority of producers, it barely reaches 1.7 J / cm2. As a result, the frame is 9801 production of ECM-Steel has a safety factor of fatigue strength under cyclic tests of 2.1, that is the highest among similar structures.

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