House with residents while nobody buys

The fate of the inhabitants, according to the terms of the auction, the new owner must take care. Auction was not held, there were no volunteers.
Inhabitants 2-houses on the street Mickiewicz, in the center of town, received a letter from the Design Institute, in which a warning that their homes sell at auction. Designers in place already planned to build houses a cafe.
One of the houses in the private property, and the other — in a communal. Despite the fact that the pre-war building houses, people outraged sheet itself, as none before them did not come for nothing in return offered only advance the utility posnosili chapels and toilets.
Says Andrew Semenchuk dweller 1st of houses:
Semenchuk: "I’ve got lying plates, which I had previously bought for the construction, they would get when I was not home, and taken away. And when I went to seek, then uttered, it was a basket".
Near the house adjoining annexe and took away all the toilet, and instead put her bio-toilet. Vyacheslav Artyuhin says that she can not go to his father and a disabled 84-year-old grandmother.
Reporter: "But now you can get an apartment with all the amenities …".
Artyuhin: "Imagine for yourself people lived here in the center of all life, and we likely locked up somewhere on the outskirts of town. How to be my grandmother, who lived here all my life, all her friends here. After her ’84 … . "
All these difficulties I told the head of the department of privatization Svyatoslav Karpitsky Grodno City Executive Committee. He, in turn, saw in this nadumanasts journalists who, by him, problem of inflated in a clean place.
Karpitsky: "We have these things provided by the legislation. They can even build a new home in exchange for the cost which is presently their worth, or transfer this to another place. Our people such a situation protected zakanadavstavam and regulations of someone’s will or tyranny. All spelled out in the law. "
Subsequent auction of land on which there are houses and public to This time people live, appointed on June 28.
A few months back the Minsk authorities were planning to evict people from several houses on the street Karl Mars in the center of town. People, but began to protest and overpowered.

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