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With all of this 160 thousand people, the fifth of the total number of registered more than 20 years. Naturally, they all want to get free housing — which promised most of those who stood in a queue. But with the introduction in 2005 of the new Housing Code rules of the game have changed considerably: social apartments will not be free. With rare exception.
Belarusian citizens who need better housing conditions, according to the social policy of the country were divided into three categories: those who are eligible for social (free) housing; so called "Exempts" also people who are standing on the account are not eligible for the preference. In general, you can read about the fourth category — it’s a real wealthy people who can buy an apartment or a house for market prices.
To free housing at the theoretical level are eligible low-income disabled elderly (value — the war veterans), single disabled groups I and II, which do not work in certain cases — orphans left without parental care. In exceptional cases, the queue outside the social space can give people, whose dwelling is not reversed due to a natural disaster or catastrophe.
The main hope — for bank loans
All others who are classified as poor, but able-bodied, are entitled to receive in the order of preferential loans, grants and other forms of state support for the construction or purchase of residential premises. Turn for assistance is determined by local executive committees, based on the time of registration. For example, the Minsk City Executive Committee advises the district administration to include concessional lending to the lists of those who stood with the group registered until 1993. In other words, expect the apartment for more than 15 years.
The rest of the waiting list at the Ministry of Construction and Architecture Recommend to join the shared construction, with output Belarus will increase. In Minsk they reach 45% of total area.
In recent years, such construction was actually collapsed, which was one of the causes of growth in property prices. In the past year, developers have now completed the construction of equity because Lukashenka’s decree were identified rather strict conditions for their activities and threatening sanctions for non-compliance.
But nedavneshny decree number 55 for the developers gave relief: namely, they are allowed to get huge profits from their own activities. Says Head of the Department of Housing Ministry of Architecture and Construction Tatiana Zaturenskaya:
"Decree 396 driven developers in pretty tough conditions, because they just could not work. A new decree has put everyone — developers and real estate investors — on equal positions, they work in a similar legal field, because at the moment the developers went to work intensively. Stimulus appeared, canceled immense fines. there at many positions changed. So ventured problem, and at the moment "dalevka" went on to unfold nationwide . "
How should the currently built 18 houses, almost all while in Minsk. This price per square meter in these homes does not exceed 1100 bucks for those who stand in the queue, and 1500 dollars — for other shareholders. Profit developer is 5% in the case of the waiting list and 18% — with the rest. On the secondary market the average cost per square meter in Minsk in November 2007 to May 2008, down by 190 bucks — up to 1810 bucks.
Or decree concerns Cooperative housing, which in Ispolkomovskaya queues still waiting for hundreds of thousands of Belarusians inertia? Tatiana Zaturenskaya reads:
"Co-operative housing — it first housing co-operatives. Who builds them — those that are 20 years old in Minsk in the queues are, relatively speaking. A decree deals specifically with the role of equity. Shared construction can each cut one — who just yesterday at the turn and became even someone who does not waiting list. HBC — is another story. "
Caution: cooperative construction
At the address in the days of Radio Liberty received a letter from perturbed teachers from Bobruisk, who complain that they have become hostages of the Cooperative building. They seemed very weird when the final bill for the construction of a house door handles were more expensive, and the price of linoleum was such that they could cover the floor in the strap. And if the president of the cooperative refused to sign the certificate of acceptance because of the huge number of defects, the contractor "promoted" a new chairman who signed the papers. As a result, society builders owed 30 million rubles! Currently lives "cooperators" — a complete correspondence with the control authorities, police organizations for consumer protection, etc. After 3 years of confrontation builder filed for tenants in the tribunal.
And this is not an isolated case. On a similar fraud in the cooperative company knows Galina Kryukov to be was to abandon the proposal to build through the cooperative in Minsk:
"We wrote to the Audit Office, as then there is no strength to endure. Rob us of our right to the same sight. I talked to former bugaltarkay, say what you have gone from there? And she answered — I’m with the kidnappers will not work. Interested : so what happened? She just spread her hands and said — then still see for yourself. strongly She worked for many years in this field and directly said that the thieves is not going to work. And all, they say, will feel. And we could not stand, several people. "
By living standards indicator intensity of solving the housing problems is the average time that citizens are registered in the queue. If in 1990 under the current pace of construction this time the country was 7.5 years, then in 2005 — 18 years, and in 2007 — 18.6 years. In all this there is a big problem in small towns and townships. In 2007, the average duration of standing in line was 24.5 years. In rural areas, despite the intensification of agricultural settlements construction, this period extends over 5-8 years.

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