In Minsk presented movie about Belarusian Jews

The movie gives short information about Jews who have lived on the ground in Belarus. Community members noted that this first attempt to make a movie about the Jews themselves, not catastrophe of the Holocaust.
At the presentation in the auditorium of the Jewish Home attended the moviemakers. They explained to the audience that the duration of the film is very small, and therefore could not tell much about it.
Reads the script writer Anton Astapovich:
"I was born the idea to remove a movie about ethnic minorities. In 2006 showed up at the OSCE grant. OSCE identified, but because we secrete through the registration of state structures. Our state agencies grant" hacked "and we did a film for their money. This is the first movie from the cycle of national minorities. Specifically about jews we did it. "
Movie director Misha Milashevsky added:
"Attitudes are excellent, although the movie can criticize, because everything comes down to money and everyone has their own vision of this. But it seems to me that they liked it because it was a first step and as even sp.Levin read, Now that they are not afraid to state that they are Jews. That’s the main thing. That they were not put off so that they could live on this earth, so that a community is not lost. Without it, we are poorer. "
In the film against the backdrop of shops, buildings, ruins of synagogues, cemeteries voice-over reads the text as from the encyclopedia — the first time I began to chronicle mention Jews, where they lived, etc.
Chairman of the Association of Jewish Communities Leonid Levin expressed his outlook:
"But there is some nedagavoranasts … We realize it, but usvoyut whether those who will look. Since there is a great idea creators. There are great shots, reflecting the fact that destroyed … In fact a lump of Jewish culture. Title .. "Six Centuries of Belarusian land" … But, if such a thing took up, then you need to bring it to the brain. It’s hard, but it is necessary was done. But a huge thank you to them. "
Says Managing Cultural Programs "Hesed Rakhamim" Misha Galperin:
"Once there was such a cutout offensive" not indigenous nationality. " So it turned out that those who came from Siberia or from the Volga, or from the Syr Darya, were indigenous, and we strangers. But this drama. In fact it is based on the beliefs of those who himself was a stranger here.
Here we are — Jews born here in this land and the graves of our Protz. Obviously, if people will know each other, and culture of other nations, it will prevent all sorts of gossip and prejudice. "
Representatives of the United Jewish Communities, who watched the movie, expressed the hope that with time will made a movie about the history and contemporary life of the Jews in Belarus.
The creators of "six centuries in the Belarusian land," they say that this tape — the first in a series of films about the state minority in Belarus. Tags: Jews, Belarusian, film, land, 6, Astapovich, centuries on

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