In Smalyavichy stole crosses in the cemetery

The incident became clear after Trinity, which the Orthodox celebrated last Sunday. Two Smolevichskaia pensioner returned from the cemetery who were not visited since Radunitsa and contacted the police. Local journalist Valery Rubin said:
"A student of the evening school, with the eleventh grade, broke the iron crosses of the monuments and tried to implement them. Are they new 200 thousand, but he tried to implement as scrap metal."
In Smolevichskaia police brought criminal case and quickly found the suspect. According to investigators, he has repeatedly robbed graves. More details in the police do not report. Indeed whether the boy serial kidnapper graves will understand tribunal. In the worst case it is threatened Three years bondage, but may be limited and a fine, if not will justify the case for other accidents.
I ask the press service of the Interior Ministry, which the circumstances of vandalism in the cemetery prevails: the destruction of monuments or unmotivated real enthusiasm. Managing the press service Oleg Slepchenko prefers the second category:
"Of all the incidents in the mass burial sites are partly stealing monuments or parts thereof and stealing stocks that people leave the cemetery. A do it usually marginal elements that lead antisocial lifestyle. "
To find the kidnapper with Smolevichskaia cemetery, police lacked a day or two. But near Minsk in Kurapaty in April had been felled 10s crosses. Public activists took to witnesses and police said signs of criminals: the guys in sports suits, short trimmed. Their to This time not found.
"It’s not that Minsk — a big city, where to locate the person seriously. They do not want to find" — said an activist of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Ales Cheholsky. Partially activist sees a link between variants in Kurapaty and Smolevichskaia cemetery:
"The authorities created so that moral values are disappearing people. If you can throw crosses one, then why not go to another cemetery and his grandparents, parents should not overturn monuments and crosses?" Tags: cemetery, Smolevichy, kidnapping, crosses

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