Inflammatory disease.

Inflammatory disease.  Collage

Inflammatory diseases of the male reproductive system can affect its various departments:

  • testes and epididymis — epididymitis and orchitis;
  • prostate gland — prostatitis;
  • urethra — urethritis;
  • the head of the penis and the foreskin — balanopostit.

Inflammation, arose in one of the departments of the reproductive system, can move to its other departments and related bodies (eg, the kidneys).

Because of inflammation can be infectious and non-infectious. Infectious inflammatory diseases may be specific (e.g., gonorrheal urethritis) and nonspecific. Noninfections inflammation may develop as a result of injuries, allergic reactions, disorders of prenatal development of the reproductive system.

Often in the development of these diseases is guilty of the patient as an infectious inflammation often becomes the result of unsafe sex and lack of genital hygiene.

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