July 3: municipal monopoly on prazdnichek

Vice-chairman Executive Committee Paul Losich Paul replied in writing Levinau that mass actions in municipal day Independence local authorities consider inappropriate. Besides bureaucrat referred to the decision of 24 October 2003, to This time not known Vitebsk pioneer pickets. Vitebsk city executive committee almost 5 years ago forbade conduct a public street action "in the days of municipal prazdnichkom and solemn days of, days of anniversaries and important events that are celebrated in Belarus."

By Paul Lyavinau views, such makarom authorities restrict the circle of those who can attend to the public shares first opposition — because, as you know, particularly in the solemn days of the weekend and people often overlook the city and ready to interview.  Specifically, it is expected to Vitebsk activist judging spend July 3 march "to contribute to the strengthening and development of Human Rights in Belarus and to draw attention to the dilemmas of violations of these rights. "

The human rights activist also drew attention the fact that the letter Deputy Mayor speaks directly to the municipal monopoly on the celebration: July 3 in Vitebsk planned a series of official activities permitted, for example, the local structure BRYU without any restrictions.

Paul Levinov means the city council to send the latest application for the march — on July 27th, a day of the declaration of independence of Belarus. Earlier this date is celebrated as a municipal prazdnichka, but at the moment it is canceled and, according Lyavinau, formal circumstances for  denial of the city executive committee no longer exists.

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