Liberty Bell — the winner of national dictation

Give space to summarize national dictation, disagreed no state institution. Denied even the State Library. Because the ceremony was conducted at the Lithuanian Embassy, thanks hospitality ambassador Edminas Bagdonas. Sovereign Bagdonas saw that in Lithuania and in over 300 years, there were difficulties with the Lithuanian language:

Edminas Bagdonas"But we were even in the head would not come, that I, Lithuanian, with his own mother, not with your friends read in their own language. Thank you very much, and in such weather we each other can promise that fellow Belarusians us diplomats will be read only on whiteRussian language . "
Each participant was handed a small venerable composition — "Liberty Bell", attached to a true piece of marble pedestal of the monument to Stalin in Minsk, which was on October Square. Created compositions — architect Ales Shaternik.
Lyudmila Ditsevich linguistics which dictated dictation, shared his impressions:
"I saw ambassadors from such great attention to the seriousness of the case and to this dictation — and for 32 years of teaching experience, I dictate, maybe a thousand times — I only realized what it’s all the same value — dictation. And that struck in the Belarusians who wrote dictation — love the way their own. "
Yuneyshy party dictation — 3 years old — 83. Dictation wrote representatives of 11 diplomatic missions accredited in Minsk.
Salting Countries Israel Zeev Ben Arie said:

Zeev Ben Arie"I am a representative of the Jewish people, which for centuries was under threat of assimilation, and one of these threats — is the loss of culture and language. And if 60 years ago we would not have revived the Hebrew language, we would not be overpowered in those wars that won, we would not have done such a government in Israel, which is at the moment. "
Salting Poland to Belarus Henryk Litwin says:
"In the history of Poland was also the period when needed fight for the language, save it, so that we very badaware of the importance of your work, support and help. With the assistance I promise that in the future year will Belarusian already read. "
For South American diplomat Luis Krishak, forced to leave home, to the credit received a U.S. Embassy representative Mark Shropel:

Mark Shropel"I nice to be with you now, to represent the U.S. Embassy. Yesterday I spoke with Louis caps, he is very grateful for being given the opportunity to write dictation together with you. The Belarusian language is important in principle for the development of culture, identity, identity. "
Salting Ukraine to Belarus Igor Likhovyi saw that at least some language in the country is not in vain called "parent":
"Who is my mother forgets, and that people shy away from the hut is not allowed." I warmly welcome all of you who have not renounced their native language who every day states that language is the barricades every day. I hope that will be the second, third and hundredth dictation. "
Merit received Belarusians: the famous elusive Miron, who often hangs out in Vitebsk white-red-white flags, Boris Khamaida who wrote the dictation on the Vitebsk area under the tape, Vilna Belarusian Sergei Vitushko.

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