Minsk — Russian city forever period

Minsk as before remained Russian city where the main prize still remains from the Russian times its purity.
Experts of the company "Mercer" in assessing the quality of life in the town, or otherwise take into account the political, economic and social situation in the region, personal safety, censorship and restrictions on human rights facts, cultural life and the opportunity to relax, honey services, transport and services, abundant supply of goods in the shops, affordable housing, the natural environment and other causes. Undisputed favorite for a couple of years in the ranking of the town remain in Switzerland and Germany. In the first weave — Belarus’ neighbors: Vilnius, Riga, Warsaw.
In general, in one of Minsk Fri still not last: the dispute for a place under the sun almost crucial question — personal safety of people in the town or another. Luxembourg favorite here, and closes on the list of European 196th position Russian capital. But other characteristics that Moscow still better, which ultimately allowed the Russian major city to overtake the capital of Belarus.
What’s missing from Minsk, paraphrasing classic European city so called? Designer Vladimir Popruga convinced Minsk spoils style status forever Russian town. Stereotype of "untainted city" is not enough to claim the laurels of a European capital. Special recalls after Minsk war times and was designed as a "perfect Russian city" to give carte blanche to liquidation historical heritage:
"Minsk is today a unique prototype of a full intervention in its historic fabric. Outcome of this process has such a reading that this is illogical intervention in the historic structure has led to the collapse of Minsk and Minsk Russian. Since Russian Minsk today is in a very ugly situation: a schematic diagram flawless Russian town was laid in 1944 and was formally enshrined master plans in 1965 — is the first master plan that put kresku under impracticability enter adjustments in Russian planning, inability to continue its unusual pattern of development. Virtually been given go-ahead for a total makeover. But Now there is an occasion to analyze the situation from a historical perspective. Indeed, now is not 1944, it is now 2008 minutes. analyze the results here are just full of this intervention — first scientifically justified if to speak diplomatically. "
On savetskasts Minsk clearly indicate the name of its streets which are very striking foreign tourists. Center of the capital in this sense — a real oasis era of socialism. On the historical heritage from which can not abandon current leadership of the country, says one of the oldest inhabitants of the town, the poet Nicholas Avramchik:
"These were all the streets before the war, they were renamed the Bolsheviks immediately after the revolution. All these Sverdlov Urickogo Volodarskogo Komsomolskaya International Revolutionary … Lenin street was, which at the moment is, Engels. I remember these street before the war. "
Reporter: "In countries paslyasavetskih, also had similar post-street, but they refused to …"
"Naturally, you need to was doing same. That special government commission revised former names, giving the names of our streets really recognizable figures. But in today’s criteria I just doubt it. Say Ponomarenko tried once, before the war, do. But how? He really dug Belarusians, but what? Generals who faithfully served, other commanders. Gave their names to the streets. So at the moment, many want to do. But all this is blasphemy. "
But not all agree with the final minchane place that caused the Belarusian capital company "Mercer". Doctor of Architecture, Doctor of the Belarusian State Technical Institute Hips Aladov states that often perceives foreign organizations and all the words Aladov in Minsk mouths open in ecstasy:
"Minsk — one of the cities in Europe nainteresneyshih typical. What everyone who has been here, spoke in public. French general came when uttered city worthy Pursey and Fontaine."
Reporter: "In other words you with views do not agree?"
"Not that I do not agree, I think it’s purely political infamy directed, for sure, against our government, and peel it all people. It does not even subjectivity, but just a very impartial heresy. There we have our own internal issues that need to be addressed. But such a claim — it’s just insulting. We had no shortage of hotels, something else, but in the sense of enthusiasm — God forbid that still other such town was in Europe. "

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