Neighbors landscaped grave soldier

Local activists landscaped patriot grave, a former prisoner of the Kolyma camps, executed by the then USSR laws "anti-Soviet expressions and other offenses before the Russian authorities."
Gorodok activist Leonid Gorovoj revealed that native Sharkovshchina Region Leonid Cossack in his Time was winner of athletic competition, and only in good health and physical conditioning have allowed him to endure the difficulties of imprisonment and hard labor in Kolyma year. After rehabilitation, he returned to his homeland, but not settled in his native Sharkovschina Luzhkov, and in the City.
Love of sovereign Belarus Kazak carried through all his life. Met with his former friends, participated in the All-Belarusian Assembly "For Belarus" in 2001.
Local democratic activists stage to the fence repaired and cleaned around the grave Leonid Cossack. Now everyone can come here and give tribute to the Belarusian patriot.

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