Opposition to a single queue with BRYU

Unlike the previous parliamentary elections, the opposition to This time began to act without delay.
Sergei Obrazovsky, first secretary of the Minsk Regional Committee of the Communist Party of the Belarusian, said, "Freedom", which came to executive committee, when the clock was still without five-eighth in the morning. Yet found who will accept documents in a queue orgotdela:
"Youth icon BRYU. And he immediately takes a quick first paper. And I say, "Excuse me, young man, but in fact there is a queue." And he says that you are walking somewhere. I agree that walking, but walking to find out who and where it will be register documents.
But here came the chief orgotdela. He took my papers, looked, gave the Secretary to register. And they are registered under the numbers 1-3, as we submitted a list of three election commissions . "
I asked Sergei Obrazovskogo, what are the chances, in his opinion, the representatives of the democratic forces to get the commissions?
"When the secretary said to me:" Well, all I have recorded your "I said to her:" No, sorry, let me put my signature. "And I signed against the names of our candidates. So I do not know if you do not include it it will be a complete mess. "
Total Party of Communists of Belarus put forward in the county commission of 18 candidates. Their names are approved by the party plenum, which took place on June 29. They all belong to a single list of candidates from the United Democratic Forces. Secretary of the Communist Valery Ukhnalev states that connects them voedinyzhdy desire to change the situation in the country:

These are people who will not sit on the commission only in order to raise and lower the arm

"These are people who will not sit on the commission only in order to raise and lower the arm. They will defend the interests of the United Democratic Forces. And they can do it, since they are not just involved in election campaigns at various levels. They time headed and county and precinct commissions. This former heads of districts. It is very experienced people. "
More than 40 candidates for county commission nominated civilians United Party. Among them Many well-known personalities: for example, Alexander Pines, Pavel Kozlovsky, Anatoly Pavlov and others.

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