Passion in the park

"Im 30 years old! 30 years that tree! There were blue spruce, reddish maples, oaks! There were a lot of beautiful trees! Already destroyed it all!".
There were quite constructive expression:
Pensioner: "President, Why did not he come?"
Lady: "He would never come. He has his own area spotless, lovely. "(Laughter from the crowd)

At the site were "paddy" and the bus with the commandos. Several young men dressed in dark shirts and pants tucked into boots, walking around the crowd. Reporters saw that a couple of times they came and sat in the car "Lada", driving which was policeman.

Alexander Milinkevich shared with "Freedom" their impressions of the meeting:
"An excellent example of how people are awakening. Nobody does not protect their rights if they do not come out. 12 years struggling. Completely wrong. Fully law on their side. Defended. Some exhausted. But I believe that, if that is at country would be if peoplefeel people and citizens, Belarus will conventional and solid state, where can be appeal to authority, elect power which will media open. For me, this bright day now. "

Akhrem "Will do for recreation, playgrounds for the game … Parking for cars will be … . "
Lady: "No, do not be! And I say to you that they will not!
Akhrem: "People also need to come to the park and relax …"
Lady: "What is the park? This water protection zone! Here is forbidden! Sanitary protection zone! Well here! Aware of? We will take you along with well! People will put you out of here! . "
Lady: And I suggest to thrush. There is enough space. "

People after 8pm began to disperse. They expressed, it must not to stop the fight in the defense of Sevastopol park. Tags:, Milinkevich sevestopalski

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