Police collects saliva opposition

The message for "Freedom" he explained to the investigator of the Criminal Investigation Lt. Dmitry Shushkov inquired where he was on July 3. In addition, police took fingerprints activist and forced to make the analysis saliva.
"I refused and claimed to present an official document — says Fur. — The police said that they have had Tipo document, but it hidden. Then I wrote an explanatory note, I refuse to take saliva for analysis, because such a requirement is not supported by the document. "
According to Alexander Furs in Kobrin police department was not considering it to be caused by members of the BPF and public activists Alexander Strachuk, also Eugene Luk’yanchenko. In both claimed and written explanations were fingerprinted.
Eugene Luk’yanchenko works in the district election commission. Alexander Strachuk — active member of the group of Alexander Furs.
"This is — part of the election campaign, which carries segodnyaschy power in Belarus. Moral pressure is very severe. And it’s all set up in advance."
Recall that after Engineer of "Beltransgaz", a member of BPF Alexander Fur decided participate in parliamentary elections, he was fired from his job.

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