Problem authorities — return of migrant workers home

According to the current state of development programs from Belarus until 2010, with the beginning of the millennium of the country once a year according to official agreements and contracts leaving almost 1.5% of the working population. So makarom, number of legal migrant workers exceeded 80 thousand every year.
"Illegal immigrants" state program developers calculated as a residual: they believe that about 50 thousand Belarusians go abroad without notifying the authorities. Most of the practitioners agree on the fact that these many times more. This information suggest the tax authorities. Tax beating anxiety: about a million Belarusians splachvayuts taxes. And come to the conclusion that least every third look for sources of profit abroad.
Only Russian analysts estimate the Belarusian market share of labor in more than 300 thousand people. And specifically Our homeland, according to various estimates, takes up to 80% of Belarusians. During the 1st talk show on NTV recognizable Russian politician Boris Nemtsov read a million Belarusians who constantly use the services or seasonal Russian employers.
Large figure, voiced at the official level, sounded from the Minister of Economy Nikolai Zaichenko. At a meeting of the Council of Ministers, he said: migrant workers are 600 thousand Belarusians.
As the Director of the Research Institute of Ministry of Labour and Social Protection Svetlana Shevchenko, most of those who travel the country in search of work abroad, not has the ability to earn at home. In this regard it as people who are held on a construction site in Russia, as well as students who are trying to earn vacation time in more remote countries. But in the end, each pursuing its own monetary objectives:
"They agree to do, to be honest, work very languid, more physical. For example, work on the collection of tomatoes, strawberries. Either in the service sector in the hospitality sector, in restaurants washers, dishwashers in cafes and bars. But for this they work to earn money, which is enough, so here, in Belarus, to pay for their university tuition paid or solve problems related to housing, with the car and so on. "
Currently embroiled in Belarus as a chain reaction referred to the labor movement. In Western European countries for several years, 10-s wave subsides building boom after what enlargement of the Schengen area intensively used by migrant workers from EastEuropean states. In turn, the place of Poles, Lithuanians, Latvians, who left for more in Germany and Italy occupy Ukrainians, Moldavians, the inhabitants of other paslyasavetskih territories. Belarusians are usually guided in Russia — first due to lack of boundaries and linguistic factors.
But the general movement even within of so-called Union countries seriously concerned about the management of Belarus. Not once heard fear that can not be allowed to start the "irrevocable migration." In other words if cooked State experts at getting the best than at home, and conditions remain in exile forever.
At the moment, the Belarusian diaspora abroad, according to various estimates, totals 2.5 to 3 million people. Will it be quantified increase — almost everything is dependent on the country’s economic policy.

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