Recognize whether the policemen guilty of human shield?

Case of the "human shield" entrusted to consider the arbitrator Ira Maiko. She belongs to understand whether the police and Dorogokupets Likhtarovich guilty of malpractice when the 2nd March Slutsky highway near Minsk suspended three personal cars and put their curtain to detain intoxicated avtaryzykanta. As a result of the tragedy later injured drivers and passengers of these cars.
Contacts with journalists shall be removed until the police. Here’s what is clear about their position counsel victims Vera Stramkouskaya:
"On this day, after familiarization with the case, it became clear that the police, who charged, do not recognize their own guilt. But I believe that their wines will be confirmed."
Alexander BERESNEV victim, who are familiar with the documents of the case, mentioned that immediately after checking the police also transferred responsibility for drivers. Later partly admitted his guilt, and now again all refute:
"As if it is inaccurate, we figured out their signals. But later they acknowledged."
Certain accident scene could tell the court in the main povinet incident Mentyukov Roman, who drove the car that day in an intoxicated condition. It is already on its Tipo Slutsk pursued by traffic police, but due to high speed and could not catch up had create a barrier on arrival at Minsk. Indeed if for Mentyukov chased or perasledavannya Actually was not? What steps did the police do? On These questions are likely in court Mentyukov not answer as to his This time not found. Let me remind you soon by the way was tagged "human shield", Roman Mentyukov, which at that time the police had not arrested, left Belarus.
Why did it happen? Minister Interior Vladimir Naumov recently blamed on journalists who Tipo previously said about the incident:
"The media have accused officials of traffic police before the investigation began. And so we can not act that Mentyukov Tipo did sin and before checking we have to delay it. So it was that, while we spent parsing Mentyukov left."
Meanwhile some of the victims believe that the blame for the incident, the driver was given the opportunity to escape to bring charges under the more senior employees GAI. Tags: live, charges, shield, process GAI

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