Sexy corrupting youth general phenomenon?

In Belarus, for disk imaging professional project "Family Health" on motherhood, youth, reproductive health Lena Rusakov, any 13th begins the girl sexy life to 14 years, every fifth — up to 16 years. Most of the women in Belarus U20 has experience sexy relationship. By the way, the Belarusian statistics in this is no different from the world.
7% of births occur in girls in the age of 16.
Gynecologist Larissa Mavryshchava expresses a common concern of doctors:
"Of early onset of sexual activity, frequent change of sexual partners increases the risk of infection by different sexually transmitted infections method, including virus papilemy human type 16 and 18, which is vysokaankagennym and increases the risk of cancer of the cervix."
In Belarus, 7% of births occur in girls in the age of 16. Attitude fascinating young ladies to premature sex appeal debut. Lena Rusakov referred to a case study conducted at the Pedagogical Institute named Tank, according to which 69% of women do not feel sorry about what happened.

In 13-14 years, the number of abortions has increased dramatically

Gynecologist Larissa Mavryshchava refutes official statistics, which, they say, the situation of abortion among minors has become better that kids become more educated in terms of sex appeal. Just more teenage girls with their neuvvyazkami presently drawn anonymously in commercial medical center and not to the local gynecologist:
"Graduates of the 11th grade, which is currently 17-18 years old — well, just a stream at the moment is abortion on the vacuum! 13-14 years the number of abortions also increased dramatically."
It is curious that the statistics — the age at which receive first experience sexy boys, no.
16-year-old Anton does not deny that some guys too early to start a sexy life, but often his peers and just talk about what was not:
"I believe that almost always young people think that they seem to be older, if they state that they are having sex. This will increase their self-esteem, at a high level than it used to be like to have sex. Nobody knows the truth he says or not, but such cases are when a person says that he had sex, but in fact he did in fact did, and talked about it peers to assert themselves in a company or group of people. "
"Juliet in 14 years also going to marry"
Mum 15-year-old girls Galina, which shares his daughter neuvvyazkami, is convinced:

There have always been such people in all times.

"What about the sexual life of early. It seems to me, has always been such people, at all times. Someone earlier, someone started later. If a baby has a head on his shoulders, if he has common ancestors who are in contact with him and that he trusts, I think the child will think, before doing such steps. impossible falsely incriminate that currently perverse generation, and previously others. Juliet Even at age 14 to get married already, so what now? "
There is synonymous with "corruption" and "precocious sexual life" — indeed a controversial issue — Galina remembered the same Shakespeare Juliet.
"Extramarital and premarital sex — it is evil"
Church, the Church has always been against extramarital relations sexy. One member of the organizing committee of the Belarusian Christian Democratic Party Alexey Shein convinced:
"In human morality is an ideal in-1-x, and it makes sense. Other words, it has its own specific meaning and a real reason. These laws we can behold in Scripture in the Bible. In my opinion, a very illogical to state that something of these laws is out of date, and something burning. If we accept the moral law, "Thou shalt not kill", then we must take other laws that are in Scripture. other words extramarital sex and premarital sex — it is an evil, This is bad. "
"We met at a disco — and a descent into the bushes?"
Psychologist Jeanne Miscavige working in family support centers, said that the problem in the other — many young people do not associate sex with real emotions, with the highest and something sublime:
"This problem, which asks youth work. Preventive work, I would have said. To realize that sex — is not satisfaction of any animal instincts — and was gone. As you can see the disco Now they just met and already went immediately sorry, in the bushes. And because young people often refers to sex differently, well, how to take a drink of water. And all the same sex due to a greater extent the big-great emotional stress, sensual sphere of man, it is the adoption of another person. "
Anton child or what agrees with the psychologist Jeanne Miscavige, but states and their own attitude to this:
"Yes, some disco or just a gathering of people — it’s very affordable nowadays. On his own motivation, by his own upbringing I am very affectionate in such situations. I will not sleep (so speak out — sleep) of a random woman, I would wanted to better know the person wish more severe relations. "

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