Ship Repair Center asterisk gave the Indian Navy modernized submarine Sindurakshak

Ship Repair Center "asterisk" / is a part of JSC "United Shipbuilding Corporation" / transferred to the naval forces of India upgraded diesel-electric submarines (SSKs) "Sindurakshak" Project 877 EKM (NATO Class «Kilo»). It is symbolic that the transfer of the ship took place on January 26 Republic Day — National Day of the Republic of India.

The contract for the performance of medium repair and modernization of diesel-electric submarines "Sindurakshak" was signed by a ship repair "asterisk" and the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of India June 4, 2010, and in August of that year, the ship arrived in Severodvinsk and stood in for repair.

In the course of work on a submarine fitted modern missile complex «Club-S». Installed more than ten systems of Indian and foreign origin, including sonar system «Ushus» and radio system "SCS-MK-2." The submarine upgraded cooling systems, installation of radar «Porpoise» and other works that improve the quality and safety of military service submarines. In June 2012, at the conclusion of stage slipway repair the submarine was launched. In November and December 2012 at the sites in the White Sea the ship successfully completed factory testing program, including, in particular, the test torpedo-missile weapons.

In the ceremony of signing the transfer of diesel-electric submarines "Sindurakshak" was attended by the Deputy Naval Attaché at the Embassy of India in the Russian Federation Commander Rupak Pandey, the members of the crew, managers and specialists of the Center of ship repair "asterisk", took part in the modernization of the submarine, the representatives of companies-contractors.

Signatures to put the act of transmitting the commander of diesel-electric submarines "Sindurakshak" Commander Rajkumar, Rajesh and CEO of "CA" asterisk "Vladimir Nikitin.

Vladimir Nikitin, General Director of "CA" asterisk ","The navies of India are for the "Stars" traditional and important partner. For fifteen years we have had a repair and upgrade five Indian-class submarines "Kilo", performed a significant number of contracts for the supply of spare parts and servicing vehicles in India. All work is done in the contract terms and with appropriate quality. Our experts have successfully solved the problem by conjugation of foreign and Russian naval systems. Today, we are developing our cooperation aimed, in particular, and to create an efficient after-sales service of Indian ships built in Russia at the place where they are based. In the market of naval armaments India "asterisk" by their work has built a reputation as a responsible and proactive partner and we hope that the command of the Indian Navy will carefully consider our proposal for a second factory repairs Indian submarines, supply of new equipment, the repair and modernization works on other projects of Indian ships ".

January 29 diesel-electric submarines "Sindurakshak" will move to their permanent home. For Indian submarines passed to the "star" of repair and modernization, this is the first transition, running in icy conditions.

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