Sponsored by the Museum of Boris China became an entrepreneur from Russia

China Museum Housed in a former Belarusian school, and now high school number 1, where he once studied Boris Kit, and later worked as a teacher and principal.
On the building of School No. 1 Novogrudskaya several years ago was is a plaque in honor of the former director Novogrudskaya gymnasium and a prominent citizen of the town of Boris China. And now it appears in the school museum, which will be status of a branch Novogrudskii History Museum.
About the most exciting exhibition in the museum’s director says Tamara Vershitskaya:
"Very Worthwhile photos related stories Novogrudskaya Belarusian gymnasium. Tam and issues, and reflection activities in China and Novogrudskaya Vilna Belarusian gymnasium."
By Tamara Vershitskaya exposition about Boris Keith will find a place in the famous museums planned navagradtsav. Himself Boris Kit, which is the 99th year, currently lives in the German Frankfurt am Main. At present a festive event in Nowogródek he fails to arrive. But he shared his delight with the mood:

This story is alive, he coeval century. And already jumped into the 21st century …

"Beautiful Feelings, contentment, that’s another fundamental cultural achievement in Belarus, because such educational museums are places where people learn their history."
The museum is located in the school building, which in time had an attitude and Boris Kit. And it is a lot of fun:
"Today is a school number 1, and was once Novogrudskaya Belarusian gymnasium, where I was a student, where I was a teacher, where I was the director and where I was a district superintendent … In this building were notable cultural and historical events in Belarus. "
Sponsor the creation of Boris exposure Keith Novogrudok became representative of the Belarusian diaspora in Russia Valery Kazakov from Kemerovo. Supported this initiative and Novogrudskaya power.
One of the participants of this festive writer Lydia Savic, created book about Boris Keith "Space Belarusian", convinced that her book hero worthy of a museum in his lifetime:
"Since this story alive, he coeval century. And already jumped into the 21st century. Belarus should know their own outstanding people, its own heroes, such people and promote patriotism, love of country, their language and culture. And zeal for world achievements for example, it is possible to vaccinate young people. "
Boris Keith was born in 1910 in St. Petersburg, was the February Revolution, after the October Revolution his father took him to his homeland — in true Korelichi district. After graduating from the Institute of Vilna was a teacher and director of Vilna and Novogrudskaya Belarusian schools. During the second World War I suffered from persecution by the Nazi authorities and Russian. Emigrated to the U.S., where embodied itself in the program Space, one of the developers of rocket fuel for space exploration. In Belarus, visited again and gained recognition first of the 1990s, after independence.

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