Subtotal public protests: benzakalenku moved the eight meters

It was built in This year April 23 without preparatory public discussion. Built two months had to dismantle the wall builders. The association "Belorusneft — Naftahimpraekt" which developed refueling recognize that a prerequisite for redevelopment began protests inhabitants. Developments and monitored our radio. May 19 on the waves "Freedom" sounded material this topic.
Inhabitants of 3 nine-houses in the street Simon transfer benzakalenki believe malehankih own victory. To achieve their own people for 2 months written complaints were received by the Chairman of the Executive Committee and Victor Shorikova. Finally reached the Prosecutor General’s Office:

"With the general prosecutor’s office received a letter, which was to review the decision to demolish the half-built building a gas station and transfer it to eight meters. For us eight meters — a very big win. Generally she proves that the violations were" — said a resident of the house Tatyana.

April 23, as construction began, active inhabitants gathered for two weeks over three hundred signatures own neighbors under the letter of protest.
The program, which was performed on the waves "Freedom" May 19, environmentalists in their own construction of the comments regarded as a violation of the law refueling. Act requests in step planning to hold public hearings. The Constitution also guarantees Belarus citizen the right to a suitable environment. Environmentalists, but recognize that the Belarusian environmental legislation has many disadvantages.
The fact that the Belarusian legislation is imperfect, now made sure the people themselves:
"We raised the sanitary norms and rules of construction of gas stations and very taken aback that there are vaguely worded. If there were no holes in the legislation, which manipulate, and even if the hearing were held with residents, such that, of course, would not be "- says Tatyana.
The association "Belorusneft — Naftahimpraekt" which developed refueling recognize that demolish partly built refueling and had to move it because of protests slum adjoining houses:
"Moving justified specifically claims inhabitants. Decided increment over regulatory gap to home. Did currently finishing of the project in terms of further streamlining. Add over 5 times greenish landing on the street, pedestrian walkways added, "- said the association.
Costs associated with removal, pay construction customer refills — association "Mogilevoblnefteprodukt."
As for the inhabitants of the house, but now they are convinced that for every meter of their own safety it is necessary to beat.

Bricks from the destroyed buildings — a reminder of public protest

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