The main failure of the Democrats — the inability to find a mutual understanding

He is a doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, doctor. Immediately his Ph.D. in art history. During his active social life a couple of times was behind bars, almost a month held a lifelong hunger strike.
What excites Yuri Khadika at the moment?
"The inability to locate and retrieve understanding. This applies to the whole of society, including the Democrats. From individual parties and structures to the UDF as a whole. We stabbed in itself, we argue byaspynna …
Because the search for a compromise, in my opinion, are of mandatory condition for moving forward. Human uninhibited personal initiative should be combined with the public interest. Idea of national unity to overcome the political requests and mental divide in society.
Globally, fundamentally questions the opposition presented a united force. "
Another public editor week ordered journalists "Freedom" to prepare the transfer on "compromise as a means out of the political crisis in the democratic camp."
Our Grodno correspondent interviewed a number of local democracy activists about their attitude to political compromise. That outlook Ales Zarembyuk of Bridges, a member of the movement "For Freedom."
"Very basically, that compromises were not verbally, but in fact. Since it seems that the opposition is united, but not always. And not always taken into account the interests of all participants fully, for example, the United Democratic Forces, a coalition. Regarding relations movement "For Freedom" and BNF also UCP, PKB, they are not the best, and I would like more flexibility on the control of these parties. would like a response to a statement of cooperation with the Coalition Movement. This proposal was in the second half of April , hitherto response to her movement "For Freedom" not received. "
Dmitry Tretiak: "I think a compromise is likely because there is no intention on the part of Michalevic exclude, for example, from the party or Vyachorka Khadika"
By volume of internal conflicts Belarusian People’s Front — in the middle of favorites on the political scene country. "Pachkavanni" and a showdown over Tipo violation of party discipline began in high political organization from the mid-1990s. This year, at the last congress BPF after eight years of Vintsuk Vyachorka Mikhalevich offered himself as the other candidates. But was unable to overcome. As a result, the front temporarily headed as a compromise figure Lavon Barshcheuski. But instead of a new conflict broke truce: nedavneshnem Sejm on 25 votes to 19 Mikhalevich was expelled from the BNF. But a number of regional and urban communities did not agree with this decision. The situation before the next Congress once again began to escalate.
Likely a compromise among former adherents?
Some analysts dispute dubbed the conflict of generations, concluding: such stories did not add weight to the former foundation of Belarusian democracy, which automatically affects the popularity of the BPF in society.
Revealing that Mihalevitch not the only one left in their own beliefs about his radicalism Tipo insolvency favorites Front older supported in almost all regions. But it is likely option that will not vyshukvatstsa new killer arguments, and the way to compromise? That outlook deputy governor of Brest Regional Council BNF Dmitry Tretiak:
"I think that compromise is likely because there is no intention on the part of Michalevic exclude, for example, from the party or Vyachorka Khadika. And my belief that the party will claim recovery. Maybe some new activities will may come new people . But to sit in one place can not be. Just at the moment there is such situation that the presidency did not bring Borshevsky consent. He was elected as a compromise favorite, but his hand was not anything made, that the compromise took place. In my opinion, he should immediately the Congress offer Mihalevitch place alternate. He did not. And it looked very bad, as Mihalevitch starred in his favor. "
Correspondent"Spoils of the Party authority when such things happen?"
"So when there’s such infighting, it looks very bad. Currently we have and in the midst of ordinary members such disputes occur. More mature people they say, Behold, you have too povygonyali from the party. This is even happening."

Deputy Chairman of the BPF Viktor Ivashkevich buzz around the expulsion from the party Mikhalevich calls inadequate real situation. No conflict of generations, who are trying to write off the scandal, in his opinion, does not exist. Ivashkevich argues that in senior positions in front of a lot of young people — Deputy Chairman Alexei Yanukevich, secretary Vladimir Labkovich Justices of the same age as Mihalevitch excluded. Because if the conflict is, it does not age, and vision regarding strategies and principles act party. Besides, as the Ivashkevich, after excluding Michalevic not received any resignation from the party that gives no ground to talk about the extraordinary scale of the conflict. Well, from the very Michalevic already received an application for admission to the game, it will be considered in August:
"1st: myth or" Daz "about generational conflict — it is heresy. 2nd: there is a debate about strategy in various specific situations. During the preparation for the congress BPF voiced different approaches, this one. And also there are rules of conduct inside organization inside the party. base such: Debating is not yet decided, and after the decision to execute it.
Who does not like — can create your own party or to leave. Or even, in our charter, can not do if he does not wish to, or believes that it is not correct. But should not be discouraged. Can go and do a parallel job that corresponds to the status — in the media, in scientific activity. But if you do politics, politics are political parties and political party has its own fatigued. And according to the regulations of party activities, joint decision-making is the law to perform. "

It is not far away first discord in the ranks of former associates. The most painful for the democratic movement was the split in the Belarusian Popular Front, which occurred in 1999. On the same field, there are two adpachkavanni — Conservative Christian Party BPF headed by Zenon Pozniak and BPF Party, headed Vintsuk Vyachorka. After emigrating Poznyak control function makes parties in Belarus Yury Belenky. His predictions in the likely consolidation pessimistic:
"We need to address this issue in line with the party’s political ideology, political platforms that are different political currents in the Republic of Belarus. Belarusian Popular Front "Revival" has emerged as adrazhentskiya organization, which once formed the main strategic directions in its own activities. This is — to achieve the independence of Belarus, to achieve the creation of a democratic, European country.
A little later, in the depths of the front appeared opposite idea. Ideas against the State, which formed the Belarusian Popular Front, was put forward the idea that just sounded in 1999 Yuri Khadika in the bulletin "voter" — say, state idea already partly become obsolete and need to cross to the positions that are worth Joint civilians Party. Almost thought it was the reverse, and now need to make a very important note: if people here took this position and began to this platform, they almost did not become members of the Belarusian Popular Front "Revival".
Yuri commented Khadika:
— Second time in the 20-year history of the BPF is experiencing a difficult situation with the unity of its ranks. The first time it ended up being coupled with Pozniak departed about a third of t
he front — it was split.
Now there was a conflict situation because of the position of the sovereign Michalevic. Its essence — in, so to speak, "endeizatsyi" (NGOs — non-governmental organization) politics — political leadership structures nongovernmental public organizations. Because through them easier to obtain financing.
Geresiyarhi — creators incorrect theories — Dante placed in the penultimate lap of hell.
We were limited by the fact that the emperor was expelled from the ranks Michalevic BPF. Appeal to his fans and management Frente find understanding. Why, maybe you should consider some of their demands. And it would be perfect output.

Anatoly Lewkowicz: "SLM — it’s even more than a compromise, because everything rests on consensus"
In 2005, Minsk hosted the first congress of the United Democratic Forces, which formally put an end to the fragmentation of the opposition before the presidential election has chosen one favorite — Milinkevich. But it soon became clear that unity is under threat. As a result, sovereign Milinkevich and his supporters have made a new movement — "For Freedom." The crisis was overcome price uniformly adopted by a majority compromise idea of collective management of SLM. At the moment, it includes a variety of range for political parties and movements. As such, the structure fails to come to a consensus? According to this understanding are, for example, the right and left? BPF Party and the Party of Communists Belarusian, Belarusian Social Democratic Party "Gromada" liberal United Democratic Party, the movement "For Freedom" Milinkevich, unregistered right-wing "Young Front" … Because the structure itself — the United Democratic Forces — has been around for three years only by a compromise, says acting chairman of Belarusian Social Democratic Party "Gromada" Anatoly Lewkowicz:

"There is in fact from the leftmost to the rightmost. Grand coalition in terms of the ideological range. Such a structure is not just a compromise, it is even more than a compromise. Since this structure more fundamental decisions are taken by consensus, specifically. SLM — this is standard political compromises. "
Correspondent"But you just come to a compromise? At meetings of the SLM are violent disputes? "
"Of course. But the policy exists where there is a hard debate, where there is also a compromise. After all, where there is no compromise, there is no policy. There’s what is called the "fight."
The guide SLM — 4 Co-Chair: Anatoly Lewkowicz (BSDP "Gromada", responsible for the electoral campaign) Vintsuk Vecherko (BPF party responsible for information and mobilization and international work); Anatoly Lebedko (UCP responsible for the development of positive nominations) and Sergei Kalyakin (PCB responsible for structural construction). In the composition of the Bureau — 10 representatives of different political parties and movements.
Generally impossible without compromise policy. Everything is depending on what it did for compromise, said the first secretary of the Party of Communists of Belarus Sergei Kalyakin:

Kalyakin and Vyachorka "Unable to compromise in any fundamentally matters. And all political activity — it consists of a compromise. And, in my opinion, the existence of the democratic forces, which includes the political parties of different directions, with different understanding of the world — is also a compromise. Besides, have not gone away goals that put themselves ahead parties, fundamentally those differences that exist in the ideology of these parties. But some time it is separated all rendered as is the main goal, which now needs to be addressed — it is necessary to free Belarus from dictatorship and to achieve democratic change, after which the likely outlook for the political struggle, for those supporters who have in one way or another ideology. "
Member of the Presidium of the UDF party civilian representative of the United Alexander Dabravolki convinced:
"If there is a compromise — there is a conflict. There are many people who remain uncompromising and which are highly respected for it … SLM creation story testifies to the interests in the country, for the interests of Belarus we certainly need to look for a compromise. There are questions which can not be compromised, for example, human rights or the independence of Belarus. Compromise on these issues, we shall never agree. As for the rest, you can open a discussion and we can all work together.
I am sure that even with the available power on certain issues can compromise. Deal exclusively that she felt dizzy from the endless power … But one way or another, in the interests of the country and can be trade-offs. "
At the request of our Grodno correspondent situation in the United democratic forces commented Member of the Seimas of the CCP BPF Yuri Kachuk of Zelva:
"With none of the members of the other parties — from the BNF with Gromada of UCP I have no tensions. My deals with them normally and excellent friendly relations. On a personal level, such contacts, on a cross-party — not, as we discrepancies. they say they that they are fighting for an independent Belarus, but I believe that their actions are wrong. For example, to participate in the parliamentary elections, it is — a big mistake, in other words more to strengthen this regime, even more to continue its existence. "
Yuri commented Khadika:
— What is — the need for compromise in the United Democratic Forces? He seems to have already found. But in fact under the outer shell of understanding still there are some contradictions.
I wish to address that dilemma, that some young members of the BPF is actively exploited. Mean their uncompromising attitude towards an alliance with the Party of Communists of Belarus.
They do not care what it really involved in the opposition movement, really stands for the legal country, for an independent country.
I even hard to imagine what so offended by the Communist Party of people whose age is now a little over 30 years — they then still pioneers were not even.
It seems to me that if you want to achieve unity, you should recognize the right for members of your association hold different political views.
Nobody can argue that the United Democratic Forces — a never-ending alliance. No, this unity to victory over the totalitarian, authoritarian, dictatorial regime.

Vsevolod Yanchevskii: "We need to accept what is. And to think already this funny day, not the middle of the 1990s, when it seemed that all this month"
Parliamentary elections in Belarus, which will be held September 28, once again raised the problem of an old — find a compromise between the government and opposition. To the topic turned three a day or even reversed in Strasbourg. There Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe held a special debate on the situation in Belarus. The authorities represented by their deputy chairman of House Commission international Anatoliy Krasutski, opposition — co-chairman of the United Democratic Forces Anatoly Lebedko.

Last reads and Strasbourg, and in Minsk and in other towns of the opposition more than once emphasized their willingness to compromise with the authorities:
"The United Democratic Forces made three suggestions. Last year the autumn sent to Lukashenka’s administration and the government to launch a specific bilateral dialogue, including on election campaigns. Answer from the administration — no, no need to do so.
2nd — prepared configuration to the Electoral Code and made a prop
osal to make a joint working group in order to change the electoral law. Answer of the House of Representatives — four lines: "no."
The third proposal — to change the law enforcement practice of using the electoral law. CEC sent a package of 6 proposals. Answer — again "no."
Prof. lawyer, one of the main developers of the Electoral Code Anatoly Krasutski believes that the path to the realization of the authorities and the opposition is through the current electoral legislation:
"Matters relating to the possible relations between the authorities and the opposition during the election campaign will be built under the current legislation. And then the most important thing, that all the players came out of this process. Then, I think, will not have the negatives that have been in the past. This is fundamentally aware of. "

With Vsevolod Yanchevskii — Today the main ideologue of the country — I spoke on this topic some time ago:
"We need to start by recognizing the opposition 1st Fri For all that do not like something, most of the population was and is for Lukashenko. And it is in the actual sense of the word as the legitimate president.
If the opposition is recognized here and in my opinion, could begin and some dialogs and configuration. While real, comfortable. And if this is not taken into account, the situation reminds me that, as a snow-white emigration on a plate wondered — tell me if you perish Bolsheviks? But it went on forever.
Need to accept what is. And to think already this funny day, not the middle of the 90s, when it seemed that all of this month. "
And why, in fact, the opposition did not listen to this phrase? — Ask questions Anatoly Lebedko
"If we are talking about a possible cooperation steps, they, in my opinion, should not start with such a huge fundamental question. They must begin with what is closer to reality and real. A cross from the lowest possible level to another debate, discussion and so on. "
Our correspondent Grodno figured attitude toward political compromise on the part of regional democratic activists. That outlook participant is not recognized by the authorities of the Union of Poles Andrei Pochobut:
"The current regime in Belarus, such that every concession, every declaration of dialogue, particularly as it regards weakness. This is one of the relevant features of Alexander Lukashenko that he sees this as a weakness just as the desire or what to give him. And the authorities are willing to put on the shoulder of his opponent, who is considered, at least at this stage. Maybe if something will change in the country, then you can read about any compromises about finding convergence. At the current time read about it, I seems unrealistic. "
Yuri commented Khadika:
— It is not so long ago, Tatiana Protko that has long led the Belarusian Helsinki Committee, made a public appeal to the opposition to go to power.
This, of course, a very strong appeal. Indeed, in this case Democrat must find own personal compromise with the principles on which the current government. Whether he will obey what ever order delivered at least some form, even reckless? Either he will defend his dignity, as those people who are dependent upon it?
But the problem is personal.
Together with that, you need to impartially realize that words Tatiana Protko there is much truth. It’s a fact: the regime was established, it has many adherents. And the damage such a structure would be even easier if there will be supporters of sovereignty, legal advocates of the country, human rights advocates.

Franak Vyachorka: "Search for a political party full of compromise with the society is called populism. We are not looking for a cheap fans and a cheap fame"
And yet Yuri Khadika believes: for all that the main task of Belarusian democrats — to find mutual understanding with the people. At least since recent years sociological measurements indicate: the popularity of the opposition electorate grows.
Not so long ago, before the residents Vileika Alexander Lukashenko said this followed: "If the opposition is now rated at an arithmetic error, whether they appear in the parliament? Such opposition in parliament will not be. But if there will be some opposition, that of our Parliament not deteriorate. Their will still be a minority. "
In what form is likely to compromise the opposition with society? It is expected as society "grown" to the values that promote and popularize the opposition parties?

By Franak Vyachorka, Chairman of the Cultural Committee of the BPF Party, Front believes compromises with the public display of populism, and populism — unacceptable for their own policies:
"Search for a political party full of compromise with the society is called populism. Party must always hold certain political principles, values determined by the charter and applets. Regarding Front, the front has alternately in promoting their own thoughts, we are not looking for a cheap fans and a cheap fame and tries own sequence lure smart educated people! "
Correspondent"Often encounter such a phenomenon: zvyartaessya people on the street in Belarusian, and you immediately respond:" Aha, it is clear from the BPF "… Do you think such a stereotype — it is excellent or bad "?
"It’s great. Wow! With this, according to recent research conducted in April, the BNF by popularity goes beyond the statistical error."
Political strategist Andrew Kusilchuk believes that the Belarusian political field often confused populism and mundane daily work with people.
"Would rather go to people! And could be closer to the people, if not just from election to election met the deputies or candidates deputatstvo with society, and would go to the village, the town, talked to people …"
Views on sociology, philosophy Matskevich, Belarusian opposition has done a lot of mistakes in dealing with the electorate. But they can be corrected:
"And we can improve, and we need to correct. But this requires advanced technological work on PR. Current modern technology divine work with style."
Style — is part of the dialogue with society. A society in the end there is the fact the electorate whose worldview of success is important for one or another party. Because stressed Vladimir Mackiewicz, working with style must be sequential. Today almost no examples of this:
"Some were moving in the right direction, so to speak. But not lasted. Well, here for example, everything about Milinkevich and Kozulin — these 2-figures, which" exploded "and emerged as the new faces, new developments on the political field … But they enjoyed a certain situation, circumstances. A systematic work they did not have. "
The success of the opposition in the eyes of the Belarusian society — it is not a manifestation of good luck, emphasizes the sovereign Mackiewicz. And if the opposition parties will use modern methods of dialogue with the electorate, is not useful to find compromises. This simply will not want. "
Continuing the theme of estimates Grodno democratic politicians. Last political prisoner, businessman Valery Levonevsky:
"There are intentions, this they say that we’re going to reach a compromise, but in fact all the same everyone wants to be a rider on a stallion and wants to be a general. But the generals are obtained, unfortunately, the wedding. "
Perhaps outlook former deputy of the Supreme Council Markevich:
"It seems to me that a compromise and Belarusian politics — is antagonistic things: one or the other. And this focus sets, of course, the main Belarusian politician — Alexander Lukashenko, who has never, anywh
ere, and in any case not really keen to compromise. Belarusian opposition politicians to bolshennomu Unfortunately, the compromise does not become a means of objective merit, great political goal of taking power in the country in their hands. And only became a method of survival and resolve any local problems, and this defeat, and never compromise such will go nowhere. "
Yuri commented Khadika:
More difficult to compromise my point of view — between the opposition and the public.
There are, of course, different sights on the role of politics in it … Some believe that political leaders should read the community that people want to hear. And there are other eye. I — an adherent of such ideas: political parties should be based on their own concepts and fundamentally to be favorites of society.
Encourage it, nurture it, move forward. On ways to increase its political culture and achievements of the goals that on paper at least some of the opposition party look presentable.
According to my observations, the huge ideological values of democracy, in which almost all countries, people paid with their lives, in our conditions hardly reach society.
Specifically, in this case it will be more aware of the real purpose of the opposition, we will have the compromise between society and the opposition. And not such a situation, which is now fixed sociologists — support opposition parties varies the boundaries of several percent.

Public editor next week — recognizable Belarusian writer Vladimir Orlov. On the days of he became laureate of Vasil Bykov "for Freedom of Thought." Vladimir Orlov instructed to prepare the transfer of our correspondent on "Belarusian lady: Past, Present, Future." She sounded on Friday, July 4.

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