This law obstacles to our work will not do

Andrei Klimov arrested April 3, 2007. The occasion was an article on the web, in which, according to the views of the investigators, calling for the overthrow of the existing government. In September, the policy was sentenced to two years in prison.
He was released in This year February 15.
"I personally am not afraid that the Web we may be limited because we do not live in Turkmenistan. We are still in Europe, and telecommunications are moving forward. People live own life, not paying attention to power. This is also a common form of protest. Time does not stand still. This power can remain in place in the Middle Ages, and people do not stay in place. They adapt. Life is given to us as one. "
Viktor Ivashkevich from December 16, 2002 was serving on the restriction of freedom of so-called "chemistry" in Baranovichi. Tribunal sentenced him to two years for publication in the newspaper "Work", which he was editor.
"Sam online resource they can not close because it is registered outside the country. Those who are registered inside Belarus, is not enough. Another thing that will find people who are responsible for these resources. This will pressure mechanism. Then necessary will work under the names.
Always, when people are willing to do and meet the challenges they find the ability to overcome these difficulties. Problem the government is doing. Then, they are dictatorial power to create democratic prepyadstviya circle. Well, the task of democratic circles — to overcome them. "
Hrodna journalist Paul Mazhejka for publication in the newspaper "The Chase" was serving a sentence for "chemistry" in Zhlobin. He expressed his outlook about the increasing repressive legislation regarding media-independent.
"I do not think that the organs of repression in the past few years wasand any obstacles to pursue journalists find grounds for criminal and administrative prosecution, shut down newspapers. But it is clear that the authorities love to hide behind some formalities for the law to state that there is a law here and we judge him that all legitimate, etc. Because the purpose of the new law, if passed, — specifically formalize the persecution of journalists. It seems to me that there were people to be independent journalism, which does not intimidate, not stop. Because of our work, this law will not make special obstacles. "

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