Version explosion legacy Patarkatsishvili and E. Zeltser’s arrest

I had another brilliant version of the explosion, which is in a sense the same specification of guesswork. Its meaning is simple — Zeltser’s arrest, South American lawyer, if not the main, the principal party in a court case about the heritage section of the Georgian billionaire Badri Patarkatsishvili, Alexander Lukashenko very much spoiled chyiyustsi tuned circuit, swung to a very significant monetary interests. Heritage Patarkatsishvili, according to various sources, measured by the sum from 1 to 13 billion dollars. Even if closer to the truth of the first digit is all the same quite significant funds to "business people" that their claim, went on almost everything to get them or to take revenge on someone who receive these funds would not give them. For ideas about how strong people that it is worth reading the transcript of the Patarkatsishvili with one of the managers of the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs Irakli code.
There disgraced oligarch is discussed in detail with someone plan a military coup in Georgia. Necessarily believe this record, and that it is a deliberate fake, too obvious. Challengers heritage so determined person can be more desperate people.
By the way, again on the same disk imaging, which is difficult to verify, just before talking to himself Kodua Patarkatsishvili conversation with this senior officer of the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs had control Patarkatsishvili’s election headquarters of the presidential elections in Georgia Gelbakhiani. And later, even more exciting, it is rumored found shelter for themselves guess where? True, in Belarus. The fact that the late Georgian billionaire had certain interests and assets in Belarus, read his "sworn friend" Boris Berezovsky.
Well, let’s say it’s less than a rumor or slander. But also specifically to Belarus in the midst of the proceedings of the legacy of Patarkatsishvili hell with what destitution flying lawyer Emanuel Zeltser and specifically there was arrested as stepped off the plane.
All these facts together with rumors usmotritelnye allow us to make a guess that Minsk was (or became) a fuss around heritage Patarkatsishvili far not a bystander.
So makarom, There are several components: there is a big jackpot, there are people who claim it hypothetically willing to act decisively if their interests are affected, the risk to these people to take such actions in Belarus is not very large — they do not live in Belarus and are not citizens of neither her nor, likely, Russia. Well, again, there are Lukashenko, who hypothetically these same interests arrest Zeltser very very touched. Believable?
"To profitably?" — This question ask at this point in connection with the explosion on July 3 is not all. In versions no flaws. But almost all of them, if you look objectively, can not withstand test system accounting profits and losses.

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