Virginia Shymanets: Writing about Belarus in French

The presence of the Belarusian culture in France "Freedom" is responsible representative of the Belarusian diaspora in Paris, chairman of the organization "Belarusian prospects" Shymanets Virginia.
Virginia Shymanets comes from the same genus as the chairman of the BNR Ivonka Survila, Aunt Virginia. Her grandparents Evelyn and Vladimir Shimantsy together with the children Ivonka and Levon moved to France in 1948. Virginia itself on mother Frenchwoman, patronymic — Belarusian. By training in drama it. Since 1996, Ms. Shymanets community heads "Belarusian prospects", which in 2006 entered the Belarusian Committee of France.
When Virginia Shymanets began to teach Belarusian case, no French books about Belarus was not. It states that the earlier generation of Belarusian emigration Tipo became isolated in their own little ghetto:
"The French were torn from their disk imaging, and when Belarus gained its independence, it was a big problem for all those who wish to teach in French Belarus."
Ms. Shymanets and associates engaged in the proliferation of disk imaging on Belarus in France. She studied various sources in Belarus, worked in the archives, trying to build Belarus as a real country and write about it in French. The first time Mrs. Shymanets visited the home of his father and grandfather in 1992:
"The first time I came to Belarus, then in-1’s, I do not read in Belarusian, and in-2, what I beheld, it does not coincide with the fact that my grandfathers were in charge. It was very hard for me.

I even accused my family that she lied about Belarus

I even accused my family that she lied about Belarus. "
Eventually Ms. Shymanets decided to build his vision of Belarus. She has studied the Belarusian culture, wrote a paper on the history of theater in Belarus. But in the end focused on its current projects, which it defines as links France and Belarus:
"I’m a long time between glances with 2, cultures, stereotypes, which sometimes prevent people just talk and better agree among themselves."
According Shymanets, the main stereotype in the minds of the French is that many still believe that Belarus — part of. But the situation is gradually changing, transforming, now in France has more disk imaging on Belarus, the Belarusian community tried and are trying to intrigue Belarus scientists, journalists, politicians, continue to convince them of the importance of this country in Europe.
With the participation of Ms. Shymanets was published so called Belarusian collection — about 10 ka books about Belarus in French, including the latest book "Belarus — mechanics dictatorship", written by the most Shymanets Virginia co-authored with political scientist Jean-Charles Lelman.
Placed with its participation in translation into French "Tuteyshyh" Yanka Kupala repertoire Free Theatre of Minsk, currently preparing ontology plays modern Belarusian playwrights. Ms. Shymanets trusts and publication of the Belarusian prose, and the fact that the French perceive translated Belarusian theaters play in their own repertoire.
Belarusian Committee, which in 2006, after the events on October Square in Minsk merged several French communities and associations that are interested in Belarus, gives you the opportunity to work on a political level, talk with lots MPs. Ms. Shymanets refers to this committee "Belarusian lobby" in France. Namely, the committee organized meetings Milinkevich with French politicians did appeal in lowering the price of Schengen visas for Belarusians.

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