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Before the fall wait for the heat in communal apartments, Belarusian citizens in accordance with an old Russian habit must for at least 5 days in his own frostbitten perfectly devoid of heating a home. In these days of cool October debate about how power saves on the comfort and health of the people can be heard at work and in public transport, and in the hospital. Write about it and the audience in his letters to the "Freedom".
On one of these messages and start the current conversation. We wrote Anna Rabushko saleswoman from Minsk:
"In fact we do not chilly 5 days, and more. For example, our VES adds myself another 5-7 days. Later long raskachagarvaetstsa, evacuates air from the system … And in the end comes out 12-15 days in the cold criteria . Who fiction that 18 degrees — it sanitary norm? Her case is not borrowed from the prison cells? And if the apartment of 13-15 degrees, the VES and accuse their residents.
I pay for the heating of the total area of 60 meters, 20 meters although not heated: there are no batteries. And where there are not enough: they are too small to heat the whole room. It turns out that a couple of times to pay more than they should.
But outraged not only this personal problem. We officials, deputies and assigns seats on warm places Lukashenko himself. And for some reason they do not like to be one of ordinary people. Such an impression that we have just confused them underfoot with their failures, neuvvyazkami. Neither the 1st issue in their offices can not be solved. And the opposition to them at the same time: wishes in offices, away from people. "

Next to his own letter to "Freedom" Anna Rabushko discusses the current state of Belarus in the world. Another quote from the letter:
"At the moment we have from all sides — enemies. Visas — unattainable. From our people laugh. Batrachit Belarusians had to go beyond the boundaries of their own country. And once people run a race to vote for power in the process of early voting. Now here Lukashenka appeared in public with someone in uniform old son. And generals like tin soldiers, give this little boy the honor. And what awaits us in the future? " .
Head of the town, district, region, which own position should only other senior bureaucrat who does not keep the people and the report is not based on their likes and dislikes, and the best way to treat these people. In general, and of electing regional leaders, and accountability from their Belarusian citizens declined more than 10 years ago, during the 1996 referendum. However, as to conform to the results of the plebiscite, the real sentiments of people have different ideas. One hundred percent of free and democratic elections and referendums in Belarus after 1994 was not.
The problem that worries many people now — the global monetary crisis. Despite the fact that the Belarusian authorities to soothe people — say, Belarus, he engages the hook or virtually — confidence in these supakoyvannyav many do not have. Our listener Ales Mishchenko writes on this subject:
"My grandmother, who survived on their own more than one century devalued assets (in her Savings Bank in 1990 and stole power hitherto not returned 10 thousand full-length Russian rubles), all of us, his grandchildren, recommends: as leaders begin to reassure that with means banks will be all right, that the government guarantees all quite all — do not hesitate and invest in what nibudt smarter. Personally, she buys flour, sugar, butter … Earlier we had snigger, but soon that laugh something not hunt. The economy is obviously something is wrong. heavily in the bank to get a loan, it became more difficult to acquire currency. intermittently started working some factories.
And what to expect next? May still have an evil and pass — the stock exchanges did not reach us, and fall in stock indices in Belarus is not very many people worried. "

Much of the income of the Belarusian budget — it flows from exports zabugornye markets petroleum products, potash fertilizers, food, cars and tractors. Prices for all this fall, as well as demand. Rapidly depreciating oil significantly reduced orders from Russia and Ukraine for the supply of Belarusian art. Importers of potash in Europe, Southeast Asia and Brazil became renounce previously claimed in purchases of Belarusian salt. And unrealistic to expect that eventually it will not affect the state of the Belarusian economy, and means and income Belarusian people.
Nikolai Rybakov from the village of Kopys Orsha district talks about why the Belarusian trade unions, unlike Western, not satisfied with the mass protests seeking employees for the best economic criterion. A listener writes:
"Look TV — everywhere in Europe strikes. Cease work, demanding higher wages or improve the criterion for air traffic controllers, railway, police and doctors. Why all this may be in the EU? Since there are trade unions, well, people are more united. What Still we have in Belarus? Not much that contract system suppresses the workers as to the same unions support employers. Neuzh it is achieving the so-called "socially targeted" countries? smells of some stench. consider that Lukashenko himself strangled unions and believes that achievement of the country. But this "achievement" very strange. "
Today’s official trade unions, as well as many other public organizations controlled, segodnyaschy authorities received an inheritance from its predecessor — the communist system. So that create nothing handy. In the Russian Union unions called a "school of communism": According to the Leninist dictum was placed on every page of the union card. And maybe if it was, that this administration, so to speak, "school" raise "students" on any protests against the director? Trade unionists say silent any party committee and administration solutions and limited carve-up of treatment tickets and seats in the workers’ dormitories.
Employment Rights says in a letter to his own "Freedom" and Lena Pustakova of Minsk district. Listener wrote:
"I’m surprised our zapalohanastsi, nearganizavanastsi, humility. Workers can be fired for the smallest infraction — and his colleagues are silent. I understand everyone — family, kids, look for a new job at the moment difficult. But unrealistic suffer when you about to wipe feet. Agreement in the hands of management has become something like a cudgel, which float at least some occasion. And why we are so disorganized and pokorlivy not know how to protect their own sense of pluses? "
But in such situations and need independent trade union, Mrs. Lena. One working hard to resist the pressure of the administrative machine: it simultaneously fired, replaced by other, more obedient. But to ignore workers’ solidarity, mass protest no administration is not capable. In order to prevent such mass resistance, the power though the methods endeavor to prohibit the creation-independent unions at workplace.
Created by the last day of this sheet — Valentine Sokolovich from the village area Bakshty Ivie — Approached us with resentment. She has been criticized for the fact that not all of its numerous messages are aired. Listener wrote:
"Often for sending letters and calling you, since you, as opposed to the official propaganda, reporting truthful announcements, not embellish reality. A half-awful blatant heresy. Truth is funny day in our country with fire you will not find.
Increasingly coming to the conclusion that all we have rests in poverty. We all — lazy beggars, living on small zarplatki. And if the government tries something to boast about — and it looks outrageously funny. After all, nothing to boast. And in this country can bring themselves intelligent and honest man?
Displeasure I and you, Radio Liberty. Neither my letter y
ou will not read absolutely. So what if you have to send these letters? "

Unfortunately, Ms. Sokolovic, we do not have the ability to articulate one hundred percent on the air all the letters from listeners. In particular, such longish often sends you.
We highly appreciate and value the work of our active creators who often write and call for "Freedom". And yet in training gear according calls and letters first pay attention to those creators who first approached us, whose stories, observations, memories have not already heard the waves of "Freedom."
Thanks to everyone who found the time to write on "Freedom." Write. Waiting for new posts.
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