We profitably release Kozulin

"And do not do it from the sufferer. Time will come to release it under the law, and no one there to hold will not," — said Alexander Lukashenko. — Understand, we profitably Kozulin release, he will destroy all opposition. All! They’re poor, worry, require me to hold him in jail at least until the parliamentary elections … Well, later, when you ate yesterday with the President from the same bowl, and later begins to vilify the president … Such person in general should not be allowed to power. This is a decent man! "
President of Belarus said the opposition can get into parliament only under one condition — if "Lukashenko will take them behind the ears, no one will say that this opposition, and some way to land dray these people in parliament. "

Adjusted to favorites opposition that we joke with them will not

"But do I should do this? It will be a dictatorship! And later — I know them all. People corrupt, indecent," — said Alexander Lukashenko.
Lukashenko does not exclude that during the elections to the House of Representatives would be "recovery":
"We are now brought to the favorites of the opposition that we joke with them will not."
Lukashenko also accused the South American side in decline around the U.S. Embassy in Belarus.
"We took over the embassy does not want more as the Yankees hit. They themselves did this situation! Walked through the embassy funds for the opposition. Currently all the same go, but much smaller — forces from the Yankees is not enough. They’ve only been here five diplomats left. "
Lukashenko also said he did not have the ability and desire to "ascends to Olympus power in Russia."
In an interview with Russian newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" the Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko said that his kids "ate his father’s presidency."

Scion of Victor, on which all translate arrows already taken a head … this is a huge limitation — the son of the president!

"Believe me, that my offspring Victor, on which all the arrows transferred already taken a head. I say yes well, at least you can not fit it in, shut up already! Well, let them write, let they say that althought! He’s such a freedom in the family and independent people. But this is a huge limitation — the son of the president! "
That another offshoot Lukashenka appeared in public, on Lukashenko, not PR.
"And all the mundane — the son, figuratively speaking, my tail."
Lukashenko admitted that mom son Nicholas is a doctor.
"It’s no mystery. What is there to hide this is the Lord God! .. I came with her son to Vladimir Vladimirovich. Putin I said, oh, Alexander G., a gift from God! Toddlers, they say, is sacred! And for me — even more so . "

How many times my face sewn! Put on the table, freeze and stitch

Alexander Lukashenko said in an interview that for him the most difficult — a holiday, as "head is filled with completely different." But if during hockey’ll think about work, it "will break your nose."
"How many times my face sewn! Put on the table, freeze and stitch. Recoiled in Bobruisk so I flew into the side of his head, and later took a barely there, turned back, that up until now I can not back down, — said Alexander Lukashenko. — When people behold the that the president sits in a cafe and leavens, and running, jumping, then not only the spokesman own kids will lead to the sports section. "

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