What Women Want

Recent studies have allowed scientists to find out what they want: • to have any man who had thrown the girl, something is shortened an inch. And so every time • If you look closely at the nails, the nail itself would have changed color • In the Army men were taught to dance a slow dance, cook diet food and swaddle babies • Mandatory elements of the game of hockey became a triple toe loop, back flip and rotate in a pose "swallow "• And the players did not have the curves of the legs, but the pants would be shorter and more tight-fitting • People would leave all these stupid venture with a live birth, and would carry the eggs. Very convenient — lays an egg, you put it in an incubator and doing their own thing, as long as it is there for nine months of ripening [cut] • Lose weight could be, standing on the scales, closing his eyes and counted to ten fast • And in chocolate and cakes calories would not be • In all the world there would be no wars and violence. And among the animals, too. And the steaks and sausages would grow on trees and dreaming about getting ripped and ate them • The size of her breasts could be adjusted by pressing, for example, on the navel • For socks, shot and thrown on the floor, would provide three years of strict regime • Dust in the house was going to be in the same place (not very big). What is the place sometimes one would gladly wipe, and then live with the pleasant feeling of accomplishment • Infants were written would be ten times less • Beer men were given to the pharmacy — prescription who can prescribe only the wife • The time would be much more consistent and much less variable. Because what was happening to him now — it's a disgrace. It is impossible to live a normal life, when in the five minutes that you painted lips, runs an hour, and your phone is bursting with angry calls on the topic: "Well, where are you stuck out there?" But half an hour in line to the barber pulled at least a week filled with sad contemplation of old magazines. No, with the time to do something positive. • If the wife had a lover, a husband as an intelligent individual to be understanding and even occasionally met with him to have a cup of coffee and discuss: how to make the lives of their loved woman more beautiful • In men would have built a special transmitter loudly broadcasting their thoughts. And when it comes to you with the words: "I think our meeting is not accidental, maybe you're the One I was looking for all my life" — the transmitter would honestly translated: "My wife went away for three days, I want to have time to change it quickly with anyone, even with you "• Monthly continued to ten minutes • Men would not lyseli. And with age instead of the belly they would grow muscles • Tights could not be any break or burn or explode a nuclear bomb • Men would immensely adored cats. They could spend hours combing them, they do manicures and change the sand in their basin • Even before the birth of the child could choose his gender, eye and hair color, as well as who he would marry and to whom • Sofa, which lies in front of husband TV more than an hour, would suddenly bristled with steel needles, blurred curare • Each married lady once a month, the government provided a free ticket to a male strip show. Or by choice — to visit the massage parlor where massages are performed by the long-legged young man in a leopard thong. • The best drivers were considered to be a woman. In selling out to labels: "Warning — the man behind the wheel," the red triangle with the image of a mustache and beard • Each man longed to marry and have children immediately. And so we would decide for themselves — to meet these crazy desire or even "wait until so check your feelings, dear" • And to have a holiday on March 8 was canceled. Why he would need if all our wishes have been fulfilled? )))

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