Z.Paznyaka: Bulls did not let out of sight Kurapaty

It happened soon after the publication in the newspaper "Literature and Art" article Poznyak and Eugene Shmygaleva "Kurapaty. Road death." On June 19, 1988 reads opener Kurapaty Zenon Pozniak:
"Day June 19, 1988, when the total came out to march and rally Kurapaty there lives in my consciousness, and very true. Thousands of people went into the forest and Kurapaty all scattered. Between the trees and shrubs were silent, in complete silence … And only steps and rustling forest grass underfoot …
I heard this is something magical. I felt what’s happening something I could not explain. This rustling human Levinov — this image is worth in my ears, the eyes, lives in my mind.
In the mass of people the first time I realized the unity of the whole, tofelt part of the total, own and all together. It was like a connection with God. Councils for Belarusians were excommunicated from that feeling … Kurapaty also joined the hearts of men before the Truth endless. And just it gave spiritual stimulus sensual push newcomer Belarusian revival newcomer national liberation movement.
Even then, at Kurapaty rally were the words on the need of creation of the Belarusian Popular Front. Soon he was created. At a rally in Kurapaty Forest were prisoners of the communist camp, witnesses and genocide. There were the words, which none of those present had not previously heard by the Soviets.
Now — day of birth Vasil Bykov. Then no Bykov nor Ales Adamovich in Minsk was not, and they did not attend the rally, but the Bulls did not let out of sight Kurapaty. It even included in the official commission to Kurapaty, which was designed to surpass the truth about this place, and the Bulls there that confronted them almost alone.
Waves, who went after the rally in Kurapaty reminded tsunami. They went Worldwide, throughout Belarus. Three years struggle lasted more to protect the truth about genocide. Carried out joint archeological research in graves Kurapaty that again confirmed the fact of genocide. Eventually the pressure is overwhelming evidence and public communists had to recognize the fact of mass executions by the NKVD people Kurapaty near Minsk. USSR still existed, communism, and this recognition of the truth about Kurapaty was our great victory over the evil empire. "Tags: Bulls, kurapaty Poznyak

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