Zenon Pozniak: Constantly feel lack Bykov

Pozniak: "With Vasily Vladimirovich Bykov I met in 1988 when he wrote an article about Kurapaty. That’s when I called him, it was already agreed with the editor of Lima, and said that I wanted to come across that there is an article that indicates repression and genocide of our people and what you need write an introduction. He realized, said that meet proclaimed place. So we met with him. Bulls later wrote the introduction to the article "Kurapaty — the road of perdition," she influenced that this article was written.
But I wish to talk about something else. Kurapaty exposed not only to all our people, like rose after knowing what happened in Kurapaty (and whereupon formed the Popular Front, beginning of national rebirth). Kurapaty on my eyes, exposed and Bykov. He usually never played on formal occasions, he tried to keep silent any longer, did not go into politics. And here writing this entry, later published articles, protected us for October 30, and went to the Organizing Committee of the BPF, practically it was forming. Later he was a member of the Diet of the Belarusian Popular Front, was speaking at conventions and practically changed his life. He went to the Belarusian national revival.
I thought about the fact that it still has pushed for such a drastic step, for such a choice when he began at their own people, for the future of Belarus. And I think that did Kurapaty.
I always felt his presence, we saw him occasionally (once per month certainly, would have been the same Soimy), but I always felt that he is. And it appropriated conviction. And when he was gone — has passed a couple of years — I constantly feel like it — no. I think, feel and all our people, because it was a global man more Belarusians who made the right choice at the very turn of our history, and has promoted our people. "

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