School 3 regions received 140 new buses

On the eve of the Day of Knowledge 41 school buses received the Perm region. Today the documents they presented the heads of the territories of the regional government chairman Gennady Tushnolobov. By destination — in 23 districts Kama — 34 cars off the brand Gazelle and 7 car brand Peugeot.

The new buses joined the fleets of schools Krasnodar region. The solemn ceremony of handing over the keys directors of educational institutions was held in Krasnodar.

Total for the regional target program was purchased 52 buses in the amount of 98 million rubles. They

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Schools Novogorodskoy area passed 15 new buses

Deputy Head of the Administration of Alexander Smirnov took part in the ceremony of the keys to the school bus, which was held today at the Victory Square — Sofia. 15 school buses arrived in Novgorod region at the expense of subsidies from the federal budget.


Total cost PAZ 32053-70 -16 593 thousand rubles. The capacity of each bus — 22 seats. In total, taking into account the incoming buses, in the Novgorod region 163 school buses will be able to deliver more than 4,000 children to and from schools. Buses meet the current requirements for

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The boarding school was opened in Dagestan

August 28 Kumtorkalinskiy near the grand opening of the new boarding school for 200 pupils in the agro sector prikutannom "Sogratl" Gunibsky district. "

The boarding school is named after a famous journalist, a prominent political figure in Dagestan Magomedgadzhi Abashilov. It is a complex of buildings, consisting of a two-story educational building for 200 pupils, a two-storey building with 80 seats boarding, body nutrition unit with an assembly hall and an indoor gym, outdoor sports ground.

Holiday guests at the ground in front of the school, the entrance of which was placed a banner "Thank you for a

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Kupalovskaya needed freshest ideas

Aired — 13 November morning.Hanna Sous: Vyacheslav yesterday the network has information that Tipo former deputy House Natalia Avdeev was promoted to Director of Kupala theater, changing Nicholas Kirychenku.Afitsyynay disk imaging in this regard yet. Is it clear to you what is happening at the moment in the theater? As I remember, from time to time aposledny happened more than one conflict situation …Vyacheslav Rakytskyy: Rumors about changing theater directorpand Yanka Kupala appeared egthlate last week. But while Mandfeces Kirichenko is on the director’s office, gavee disposal.


In October, the theater hosted svoesablandyou revolt, prand that "Freedomsand "many said.

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20 million rubles for falsifying

Ivan Sheha, candidate from the BNF for Slonim constituency number 58 after the announcement of the election results have learned that one of the areas voted for him significantly more people than were recorded in the minutes. Now he appealed to the court to return justice.Ivan Shegu, after he is familiar with the district commission fruits elections in areas intrigued by the fact that at the Chkalovsky plot number 17 voted for it, only 21 voters, while most other recruited 120-150 vote. Sheha: "We are active with our group conducted a survey of voters in the area. Not everyone, obviously,

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The main witness on the loose

Policemen few weeks could not find an eyewitness to the brain explosion. His image was placed in the media, police websites and eventually stuck around Minsk. A guy came to the shooting scene of the explosion. In mon citizen himself in to police and checked it on the sensor heresy. "A man saw himself on Saturday, realized that the police finds him as a witness and head yesterday morning appealed to the October district police. He said the right information shared with investigators his observations. A certain value of its information is. After, as it was held by the whole

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History configurations Belarusian spelling

But the first complete version of this work, scientists believe was published in 1918 "Belarusian grammar for schools" Bronislaw Tarashkevich. In 1926 in Minsk accomplished international academic conference on the reform of the Belarusian spelling and the alphabet, but there are no regulations on it was taken. Made via a special year by spelling commission chaired by Academician Stepan Nekrashevich proposed in 1930 his own project, but to complete the task could not, because five of the eight members of the commission were soon accused of natsdemavshchyne and repressed.First, the 30 brand new group of scientists from the Institute of

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School guides will open at the Exhibition Center in Moscow

Everyone will be able to try yourself in the role of the historian-guide in the "School of young tour guides and group leader," which opens Saturday at the All-Russia Exhibition Centre (VVC) in Moscow, the Internet portal VVC.

According to the report, the school will be based on a very well-known in the Soviet times, the Bureau of International Youth Tourism "Sputnik." It was created in anticipation of the Olympics-80 and recruit students for learning and thematic tours. This was the only school in the Soviet Union.

"The school of young tour guides and group leader" at the

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Gomel continue to hear pro-democracy activists

Namely, in the Russian department of Homel police department called UCP member, pensioner Natalia Shchukin. She questioned where she was in the day of the explosion. Do activists took to analyze the saliva and fingerprints.In the management of Gomel region KGB August 4 caused coordinator of the NGO "Belarusian Helsinki Committee" Olesya Evseenko. His interrogator questioned Vladimir Vidolis who identified himself as an employee of the department for combating terrorism.In Evseenko investigator asked where he was in the day of the explosion, whether personal transportation, where military service. The Emperor was asked to go Evseenko fingerprinting, but he refused it

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Power is trying to squeeze out unacceptable projects

Editor in chief of the magazine "Arche" Valery Bulgakov states that officially registered publications will not be special choice if there is a question of the existence of the magazine in general:"I, on the one side, agree that the task of unification is. On the other hand, of course, we must recognize that reform is being implemented by the state in a characteristic manner oppressive to her. I agree with the thesis that the great abundance by spelling systems that are de facto service Belarusian language on the ground today Republic of Belarus, lead users astray whiteRussian language, also people

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