Su-25 upgrade


About 200 Su-25, consisting of the Air Forces of Russia, will equip a new sighting and navigation system. It will allow aircraft to "work" at any time of day beyond enemy air defenses and use precision-guided weapons. Now Stroevo Su-25, to hit the target, we have too much for her to approach. The enemy has time to find the plane and open fire with anti-aircraft guns. So were lost three aircraft in Georgia.

— Guided weapons to extend the distance to the target, attack aircraft is now optional to enter the zone of the MHA (small-caliber

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The Su-25UBM passed all exams

Concern "Attack Aircraft Sukhoi" plans to sign a certificate of completion of state tests of the modernized training and combat Su-25UBM this summer.

The news was the general director Vladimir Babak concern. According to him, the state testing program implemented in full, including tests for combat use of the Su-25UBM. "Su-25UBM can be successfully used both as a training aircraft for the flight personnel assault units Air Force and to conduct full-fledged war — said Babak. — According to the flight and combat characteristics of the Su-25UBM closely follows Stroevo modernized Su-25SM. "

Sioux 25UBM

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Belarusians do not wish to answer a question about the integrity of the election


Framework put in Lithuania independent Institute of Socio-economic and political research conducted in October This year poll in Belarus, during which respondents were asked whether they considered free and fair by September parliamentary elections. On this question 56% of respondents answered yes, 24% — negative, did not answer the question — 20% of respondents.

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The Su-25 has an all-weather

Modernization of aircraft, the third in its history, based on the analysis of armed clashes in Chechnya and Georgia. So in Chechnya, the main loss of the Su-25 aircraft were due to the inability to fly in the mountains, and the complexity of management in a rapidly menyayusheysya weather. In Georgia, the losses were caused by the lack of technical equipment of the aircraft, the lack of electronic warfare countermeasures, and the old system of arms control.

The new element base allows you to place an improved navigation and sighting system on such a small plane as the

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What is more important — role in either victory?

Or burning now last Olympic motto — "the main thing — not to win, and the role"? Or normally when the winner of the Olympics the Chinese, for example, will pay million bucks (Belarusians, by the way, 100 thousand, and the Americans — only 25 000)?Start Olympics overshadowed the war in South Ossetia Let’s forget for two weeks mocking phrase "The main thing — not to win a role." Maybe it is suitable for competition in summer camps. In today’s world, where as once wrote Chingiz Aitmatov, the number of goals determines the merits of the political system, sports victory

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Varices — a disease of civilization

Varicose veins — a sad consequence of the transition of human ancestors to walk upright. In addition to advantages such evolutionary innovation has led to a dramatic increase in the load on the veins of the lower limbs, resulting in a gradual wear of the vascular wall. Further progress of civilization, as a result of which a person begins to increased sedentary life, only exacerbate the problem.

If untreated, varicose veins lead to serious complications and disability. According to experts, in the Russian severe varicose disease affects about 30 million people. In developed countries, the disease affected

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Information warfare for freighter

Already a few days last story freighter Alaed («Alaid»). This ship in late June set sail to the coast of Syria with a special cargo. Almost immediately after the release of «Alaid» from port to press reported that still all the same is in the holds of cargo ship. It appeared three combat helicopter Mi-25. Just a few years back the similar announcements almost nobody would have amazed. But at the moment, more than a year when the Syrian army is fighting with so-called opposition, the apparent flight of the ordinary merchant ship for themselves attracted a lot of

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China opens Olympics

By tradition, the 7 days before the start of the Olympic Games and competitions throughout the military action must be stopped — acts as a general principle called "Olympic reconciliation."But just a day of the Olympics weapon exploded conflict between Georgia and South Ossetia. Our homeland accuses Georgia of violating this principle. Yet at the Beijing Stadium "Bird’s Nest" celebratory opening of the XXIX Olympic Games. At a ceremony attended by many first person from all regions of the world, namely the presidents of the USA, France, several Arab states. The other day, accompanied by a younger sibling Nicholas went

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Dashkevich and Finkevich hunger strike

Zmitser Dashkevich and Artur Finkevich hunger strike protest illegal arrest.Yesterday police Metropolitan district police arrested seven activists of the democratic movement, the vast majority of them — members of an unregistered organization "Young Front". Policemen vlamalisya in apartment where he wasand the Young, knocking out two doors, and explained to that they have information that this apartment is a corpse. Not found the corpse, but arrested those who were in the apartment and was taken to the police station of the Metropolitan of Minsk. Middle of the detainees — three minors, also a favorite of the Young Front, Zmitser Dashkevich

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Police detained the Young 7

Militiamen vlamalisya in apartment where he wasand the Young, knocking out two doors, and explained to that they have information that this apartment is a corpse.Not found the corpse, but they detained those who were in the apartment and was taken to the Metropolitan police district of Minsk. Middle of the detainees — three minors, also a favorite Junior Front Dashkevich, his deputy Artur Finkevich, activists Kasia Galician and Paul Kurianovich.Freedom Dashkevich said that the police now consult with management, whereby articles constitute detainees protocols.

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