Extrusion complex BRONTO feed for dogs and cats in Serbia

In September 2013 authorized dealer in Serbia — the company PRO-X shipped extruder with pre-conditioned E-1500 and E-500 extruder for the assembly of the complex for the production of food for dogs and cats.

Extruders BRONTO confirm the high efficiency in Lithuania

In September 2013 another farm of numerous clients in Lithuania BRONTO re-acquired the extruder E-500

U.S. Secretary of State arrived in Minsk

After the release of political prisoners, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State David Merkel arrived in Minsk with a 2-day visit to meet with representatives Belarusian authorities and the opposition."The United States welcomes the release of 20 August 2-the last political prisoners — Sergei Parsyukevich and Andrei Kim — what nastupnichala release Belarusian authorities Alexander Kozulin, "- said in a press release, the U.S. State Department vserasprostranennom."The release of these persons, which is, we hope, will be associated with further positive steps, offers a real opportunity for significant improvement relations between U.S. and Belarus. In the light of such developments, Deputy

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Doctor instead of a priest

On this "Radio Liberty" is now Chairman of the Central Election Commission Lidia Yermoshina. It is understood that the CEC November 14 register his candidacy. One vacancy in the list so called Senators from the capital appeared after, as a month and a half back the Archpriest Fedor Full recently registering suddenly withdrew his candidacy. Belarusian Constitution defines — in the upper chamber of the National Assembly includes 64 people. Any area of the city of Minsk and isolated by 8 people, and another 8 appointed by the head of the country. On present day in the upper chamber of

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Extreme Park a world-class construction in Sochi

Six months later, near the trout farm (on the road from Adler to Krasnaya Polyana), will start a range of entertainment ekctremalnyh — AJ Hackett Sochi.  The project AJ Hackett has existed since 1988, most in the world at the moment there are 5 such sites (in Germany, France, China, Australia and Singapore). When they open in Sochi, this place is, of course, will immediately become popular among fans of extreme sports.

Editorial FunSochi.ru visited the construction site and found many ways to tickle nerves offer Sochi branch of the company. The first, and probably the

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Searches in Pinsk activists

Militiamen relatives presented a search warrant. They are not explained to the cause of their own actions, and did not say exactly what they want to find in the apartments.

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Kozulin has a chance to become an individual candidate Lukashenko

What shared memories from his own press conference left Alexander Kozulin? Either seemed convincing his comments and assess the situation? What political perspective Kozulin, which he may find a niche in today’s political configuration?Tsigankov"We are with you all present at this press conference, Alexander Kozulin. Before we begin to assess its political perspective, I would ask you to share the common experience of Kozulin. How did you find it after release? Either showed that he was cut from the realities or seemed to have convincing his comments and estimates that more memorable? ""Kozulin looked better than I was waiting for"Treasurers"With

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Agreement on the Iranian nuclear program, «bad» or «very bad»?

On Sunday night, Iran and «six» countries mediating in Geneva agreed. In media reports that Iran now has to stop on the nuclear program from 6 months and temporarily finish construction of a reactor in Arak. West pledged to withdraw from Tehran threatening economic sanctions. In general, the latter is open to question: the West had never hurried lift sanctions, and even here in the Middle East and heard angry voices. Diplomatic success negotiators in Geneva was not appreciated in Israel and Saudi Arabia. That found a positive result in the states of the «six» in Iran and many other

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Kozulin and Social Democracy: two eye

Znatkevich: Sp.Sidarevich you supported the shift control of your party. The main reason for this change, which officially voiced by Congress — is that of Kozulin bullpen could not control the party. Now, when at liberty Kozulin — Are the party members to return it to the post of chairman?Sidorevich: In 1-x, let’s specify. I have never been for the fact that Kozulin was elected chairman of the party. In 2005, when the figure appeared Kozulin, I said that we do not need such chairman. Since those who are Democrats, to determine the 1996 days of constitutional coup. If someone

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Andrei Kim: I was released in 7 minutes

In an interview with "Freedom" Andrew Kim said that his prastupak "pulled" administrative detention for a maximum of 10-15 days — for his role in an unsanctioned event. As for the guilt for the violence against the police officer, Andrew Kim did not recognize her at the trial and did not recognize until now.Kim"How unreasonably condemned and released. Summoned in the morning after the night shift, said the decree of pardon and gave a certificate of exemption. Gave to pack a couple of minutes and eventually release the entire procedure was completed in 7 minutes. Managed to pick up the

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