Encyclopedia of the atom. Titans movement

The fifth part of the series "Encyclopedia of the atom"

"Farewell of Slav", what could be better during the farewell to the shore? It was under this march into the Arctic Ocean goes nuclear icebreaker "Russia." He must deliver to the place of duty of the ice polar station SP-38.

Encyclopedia of the atom. Inside the reactor,

Encyclopedia of the atom (part 3). Inside the reactor,

The film "Inside the reactor" — the continuation of the series "Encyclopedia of the atom," the authors are not only traveled to many Russian nuclear power plants (and traveled to Iran), not only were in the reactor room, where they release the bloggers in our tours, they have done the impossible — found a way to remove Chief, internal water circuit from the inside during construction.

I remind you that want to have a chance to personally go to the Russian nuclear power plants. Details here: http://blogi.rosenergoatom.ru/go-to-aes/

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New salting Lithuania — in Minsk

Close neighbor of Belarus had six months here ambassador. The last chapter of the Lithuanian diplomatic mission Petras Vaitiekūnas summer began working minister Foreign Affairs. A proposal on the Lithuanian side to appoint a new ambassador of the former Foreign Minister Antanas Valionis official Minsk has not given a positive response.

ENIKS — manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles

CJSC "ENIKS" (Kazan) was established in 1988. The team is formed of aviation professionals with experience in the creation and production of UAV systems. Software, navigation and piloting systems, gyrostabilised optical systems and mathematical models of unmanned systems and the target is fully developed by specialists of CJSC "ENIKS."

The developed multi-purpose complexes with UAVs "Aileron 3", "Aileron 10", supplied power ministries: Ministry of Emergency Situations, the FSB, MVD, fuel and energy companies, forest conservation, arctic expeditions and other organizations. The use of complexes is carried out in different climatic zones in the desert, the tropics, the taiga, mountainous and

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Polish politician elected chairman of the European Parliament

Both policies (which are This time were vice-speaker of the parliament, but after 3 years — half term for all positions elected new people) are known to own active work for democracy in Belarus, in the midst of the rest — Alexander Minikevicha kandydtury support for holding the Sakharov Prize.

Or remember about Belarus Putin at a press conference?

Experience past years indicates that most of the questions will relate to the internal policy of the Russian Federation, while the least quarter issues affecting international themes. Perhaps One of the most of favorite topics is the question of succession. But do not pass over the question of the relations of Russia with the CIS countries, first — Belarus, reports and information resource newsinfo.ru.

R.Pofalla: Belarus should release political prisoners and allow freedom of speech

German politician stressed that the EU asks in primarily, the release of all political prisoners in the country, freedom of speech and equal access to the media for all representatives political parties. With all this, he stressed that the European Union and Germany are interested in democratic reforms in Belarus.Yesterday sovereign Pofalla met in Berlin with a favorite» combined Democratic Forces Alyaksandr Milinkevich. For disk imaging Belarusian politician, they discussed the problem Belarusian opposition, elections in Belarus, the Belarusian-Russian oil and gas crisis, prospects for cooperation between Germany and Belarus.

Quasimodo in Belarus brought snow and strong wind

On areas of the country are predicting heavy snow, blizzard, snow drifts on the road. Days of wind in some areas will increase to 15-18 meters per second. Air temperature during the day 1-7 degrees below zero in the south to plus 1, NIGHT MODE in the eastern parts of the country — minus 8-10 degrees, reports Interfax.

EXCELLENCE «Leopard 2»

New fundamental order from an unnamed Arab country in the amount of 475 million euros was a leading German defense concern Rheinmetall, ASDNews reported June 18.   In the contract includes delivery of fire control systems, optoelectronic sensors, L55 120 mm guns and ammunition for more than 60 main battle tank Leopard 2A7, chassis, 155 mm guns and shells for 12 ACS PzH 2000, parts and tools for both types of combat art. Deliveries are scheduled for 2015-2018 years.   Rheinmetall has more than 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of armored fighting vehicles. Tank Leopard

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Lithuania is interested in Belarus turned to the European Union

New salting Lithuania has extensive experience prof. Edminas Bagdonas held various positions in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was ambassador to Italy and adviser to President Valdas Adamkus in international matters. But even with his experience of the brand new head of the Lithuanian embassy in Belarus will be hard, emphasizes in an interview our radio each committee for international affairs of the Lithuanian Parliament Vaclav Stankevich. Stankevich, "Our salting arrives in Minsk in a very challenging and exciting Belarus time. Belarus at the moment is in such a position it must make choices to determine strategy. And because I

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