South Ural State University has launched its own power

South Ural State University has commissioned its own power on the basis of the acquired University Capstone C1000 microturbine installation capacity of 1 MW. This will help the university, the wearer to the status of national research university, not only to pass on virtually autonomous power supply, but also more efficient cooking energy specialists. Now explore future specialty engineers and power will be right at the electrical panel.

Power input into the system — the third one generation capacity SUSU. Together they almost completely cover all the needs of the university's electricity and heat. Moreover, according

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Yuzhnouralsky robots liquidators.

In the Chelyabinsk region created robots liquidators. Machines are designed for emergencies Miasskoe scientists. Representatives of the emergency service of "Rosatom", financed the creation of robots, in 2012, put their production on stream in the coming years will equip all their nuclear facilities of the country.

He must enter into the elevator door opening with only 60 centimeters. He walks up the steps, turns on a narrow staircase, is able to unwind the cable. Small-size robot designed to work where human presence is undesirable or impossible. The man just manages these terminator at a safe distance.

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Yuzhnouralsky foresters have modern forest fire equipment

August 23 ceremonial presentation of the forest fire engineering branches OSU "Center for firefighting and forest protection Chelyabinsk region."

In accordance with the agreement signed in May 2011 between the head of the Federal Forestry Agency Viktor Masliakov and the Governor of the Chelyabinsk region Mikhail Yurevich, the federal budget has been allocated almost 70 million rubles for the purchase of specialized equipment for fighting forest fires.

These funds are in the Chelyabinsk region already delivered 15 units of special equipment — 7 cars "UAZ", 4 marsh bulldozers and four fire engines. Another 12 forest fire vehicles arrive

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Today, with the dictator have breakfast and dine tomorrow with bin Laden …

Says the chairman of this organization Dmitry Pimenov.Pimenov, "We wish to state prashuchy protest against attempts by individual European politicians to negotiate with the dictator Lukashenko and his entourage. In our view, this is another attempt to drive a wedge between the European states to help Belarus to become a democratic state to be independent. "In picket assumed the role of about 15 people who handed out leaflets kept white-red-white flags and placards saying "Now with the dictator have breakfast and dine tomorrow with bin Laden", "Belarusian civilization not need a lawyer devil."

BATE persevered. Who follow?

BATE Borisov 1-1 draw ended the match on his own field with Bulgarian club "Levski" (Sofia). A large part of the match with ten men after Belarusians played removal striker Gennady Gemini, which was removed at the 43rd minute.In the first match in Sofia defeated BATE 1-0 such makarom segodnyaschy draw will allow BATE play least 6 matches of strongest football clubs in Europe.From Borisov — Correspondent "Nasha Niva" Dmitry Pankovets:"In Borisov is currently something feerychnae people obymayutsya and kiss and congratulate each other. Access to the group step Champions League — the most tremendous achievement of Belarusian football in

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Belarus rarely amuses the audience for new weapons and military equipment, because each occurrence of a new standard is befitting response. Middle of May and the month of agency reporters «BelaPAN» managed to make some pics of the new armored car, built on one of the Belarusian companies. Unmarked car symbols and state number plates move on one of the highways in the car, accompanied with spetssignalami. This little «sequence» walking down the highway with a speed of 100 kilometers per hour in the direction of Minsk. Reporter «BelaPAN» managed to make a few shots of the new successful armored

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Berezovsky Lugovoi suspects of involvement in the death of Litvinenko

Boris Berezovsky, Alexander Litvinenko referred a friend who at one point rescued his life. Last KGB Alexander Litvinenko, which had taken refuge in England, fell ill on November 1 last year. November 23, he died in an English hospital from radiation poisoning caused by polonium two hundred and tenth in his own suicide note, he blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin that he personally ordered his killing. Kremlin immediately denied this statement. Before the death of Alexander Litvinenko, Boris Berezovsky visited him in the clinic. And there unhealthy Berezovsky said: "Boris, I think to my poisoning Andrei Lugovoi involved."Last KGB agent

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B.Zhaliba: Disputes with Belarus compromise Russia

Zheliba: "Naturally, our homeland will try and try to make way shipping oil around. This is an expensive project. Naturally, Belarus unhappy, dissatisfied with Poland, as they will lose their share of the profits as a transit country. Major oil flows Our homeland may impose on this particular Baltic pipeline.Can understand and Russia. Disputes with Ukraine and Belarus discredit it as a reliable supplier of oil. At any moment the same Ukraine, Belarus and the same, and other countries may raise tariffs for oil or gas swing. It is their right. But it also makes the situation for Russia unbalanced.

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Zlotnikau: Our homeland building an oil pipeline bypassing Belarus for insurance

Zlotnikau: "Our homeland does for insurance. If Belarus or Poland will seek to increment rates for pumping and Our homeland considers that it is very, it will transfer its oil through the Baltic Sea. This is a safety option, and Belarus may have their earnings, as she had when will abide by these rules when must be reasonable rates for transit. Another thing — take as much as possible, taking advantage of its monopoly position. "Reporter: "Belarus just incremented and oil transportation tariffs for the third part … "Zlotnikau: "Our homeland and insured. Losses can not be, if Belarus does

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Ya.Romanchuk: Lost style participating countries evrasystemy energy

Romanchuk "It is very alarm for us. In the short run we do not lose anything as yet have these pipes and can blackmail Russia pay for the land, we can read about any transfer fees. So makarom, some tools still remain. But if Our homeland will build gas and oil pipelines around us, we will, of course, lose money, and it billion dollars, that could go to our social applets.What’s more scary, and that has nemanetarnuyu assessment — we will lose the country style, that may participate in the European energy security system. Our homeland is building gas and

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