A.Meh: Ex-astronaut bidder to believe in God and the law

(Reporter 🙂 "You like to read? If" yes ", then the beloved book what?"
(Fur: ) "Apart from technical literature, I love the classics. Last thing read, -" Long Way Home "Vasil Bykov."
"Well, as with the music?"
"Pops is not listening. Rock — love. But more traditional. Especially Mozart."
"What feeds your Belarusian?"
"When I studied at the Metropolitan Institute of Aviation, something suddenly drawn to the homeland. Though" the golden-domed "I was fortunate to meet with famous countryman — Peter Klimuk who offered a prestigious job already in the Star City …" So verbovanie Fatherland far greater than the space — it’s lurking … "
"And yet: regret at the moment of that" of cosmic "refusal in favor of" earthly "home of choice?"
"That I eventually worked there as an engineer or just some, for example, a builder — anyone, but did not interfere in the political life, then, perhaps, would be spared. But I am at the moment a lot of effort improving the political life of Belarus, than very proud because he davneshny own choice think is right. "
"Alexander, and if you have a slogan?"
"During the last election it was after:" Time has chosen us! "And now I’m impressed by the prevailing lawlessness in the country, and that affected my famous nationwide court with the local vertical. We have seen a real wall, opposite to the trivial when heard: the employer was right when he fired me. "
"Excuse me, but then it turns out that time chose them!"
"In that company after the failure of the presidential election Hancharyk dominated public passivity, it was hard to wake up the people, because I spoke to their souls through that motto. And now the political scenery changed, burning another slogan -" Law and Justice "
"A man who could work now in the astronaut neighbor or distant from God?"
"That there was no faith here on earth, we would have nothing left. And so — hold on, look forward to the victory!"
Alexander Mech 38 years old, graduated from Capital Municipal Institute civilian aviation. Worked in Kobrin gas mains. Then I got second degree in Navapalotskim Municipal Institute in "design and operation of gas pipelines."
Married, sons 10 and 11 years.
Here are some answers Alexander Furs of his interview with Radio Liberty:
— Now for the society unless there is not the problem number one — get rid of terror. Power is very very intimidated people. Anyone — the prospect of prison, and others — likely pressure on children. I urge voters can not tolerate a situation, because to accept the dictatorship — save time and life, and their relatives.
— To Belarus I went to 25 years, when he returned from Moscow home — and then began to teach historical heritage own country, with regular and accessible book by Vladimir Orlov, "How our family." And then took up the language.
— Our plainclothes position should hold on something — without the knowledge of history and language did not build.
— For me for almost a few days 4000 people have signed up — every fifteenth voter. Commands spectacular typical "parlyamentsery" from regions: come to our neighborhood, waiting for all entrance!
— More felt during of so-called "Court" need me, and faster — lynching law and civilian morality. But I have no illusions: to overcome the current political criteria who will be head and shoulders above the pro-government candidates.
So now, as our team members believe, as Alexander Furs — 70 percent of the inhabitants of Kobrin.
Public Editor this week — BPF activist Alexander Kobrin of Mech. For failure to complete a role in today’s election campaign, against his will, was fired from his job. Contrary to the evidence collected, the court considered it legitimate. In protest over 4000 of those signed up for the nomination of a candidate Fur House of Representatives.

On Friday, the public editor of the week Alexander Fur ordered journalists to prepare the transfer of Liberty on "Labor contracts as a means of intimidation of voters heartland"

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