Alexander Wojtowicz elected chairman of the Justice Initiative

In an interview with BelaPAN A.Voytovich noted that the offer to head "Justice Initiative" was enough for him sudden. Middle of the main activities of the organization, he said the legal education in Belarus, including by opening special schools, and the development of cooperation with the Belarusian and international nongovernmental organizations. Another activity will be "comparative law." "We will associate Belarusian laws with international practice and international acts, including those who were joined by Belarus, "- explained Wojtowicz. In addition, by him, organization will continue provide legal assistance to the population, although it does not go into the circle of its main tasks.
At the moment, the "Legal Initiative" has more than 100 people, most of them — lawyers. Its offices are in Brest and Gomel. Members of the "Justice Initiative" is in all areas of the country, apart from Vitebsk, because, according to Voytovych, expanding geographically also comes in the list of tasks for» unity.
A.Voytovich — past president of the State Academy Belarus, Chairman of the National Assembly of the Republic of the 2nd convocation. During the presidential campaign 2006 announced his intention to run for the post head of state, but later withdrew his candidacy.

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