Amnesty International interceded for Zeltser

They were detained in Minsk airport March 12 and accused of using fake documents, drug smuggling and commercial espionage. The Tribunal began on July 30.
The human rights organization "Amnesty International" is now calling to send letters to the administration of Alexander Lukashenko, the prosecutor general and the KGB, and the Minister of Internal Affairs, that Emanuel Zeltser had medical help and often given the opportunity to meet with South American consul.
Recall: Emanuel Zeltser and his secretary Vladlena Funk arrested on March 12, when they arrived from London. They are being held in the KGB detention center. In late March, Emanuel Zeltser had one meeting with a representative of the embassy. April 14 The U.S. State Department issued a statement which called on the Belarusian authorities to respect their international obligations and allow the detained U.S. citizen is often met with representatives of the U.S. Embassy in Minsk.
Emanuel Zeltser kept in a psychiatric clinic, where he studied specialists. Meanwhile his doctor expressed concern about the state of health of the South American citizen.
Lawyer Emanuel Zeltser gave the membership does not disclose the materials of the criminal case. Tribunal happens behind closed doors, and not counting the actors will not let anyone go.
Observers have different theories about the arrest of a South American lawyer who is considered spetsom affaires confrontation laundering of funds. In the case portrayed in the midst of other names Boris Berezovsky and the late Badri Patarkatsishvili.
Statkevich, that has their experience collision with Belarusian judicial system believes that in order Zeltser is:
"Belarusian judicial system because of its own angazhavanastsi, depending on the power and opacity, as it turned out, can be used in cash" disassembly "of international financial" movers and shakers ".
Maybe soon to be announced rate for how much can someone wanted to announce the Belarusian authorities, how much it will cost the arrest and conviction. I think that the case falls under Zeltser these aspects. "
Lawyer Dmitry Harachka not taken to refer to a specific date when it can be announced the verdict in the case of the Yankees and the Russians. Observers expect that the judgment can be made at the end of the week. Tags: Seltzer, Berezovsky, fever, function, the tribunal

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