August. Victory …

Beijing Olympics Belarusian team also achieved the best performances in the history of independent results.
And in the harvest, according to official figures, assembled the most highest in the history of Belarus collecting bread — the final figure may be closer to 9 million tons.
Discussion on the loose
"Recent Lukashenko expressed dependence of the Kremlin"
How can we assess the main action of August? Olympics, gathering, meeting of the presidents of Belarus and Russia in Sochi, release Kozulin — who won and who lost in the process, what trends they find? Talk about these issues, our columnists and Vitaly Tsigankov Valery Karbalevich.
Release of political prisoners
August 20 of the bullpen last released are political prisoners — Sergei Parsyukevich and Andrew Kim. Previously released former presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin. "The release of these people together with others gives us hope for the future positive steps, offers real abilities significant improvement in relations between the U.S. and Belarus", — said in a statement Press Secretary U.S. Department of State Robert Wood.
U.S. waiting for new steps to improve relations, said during his own visit to Minsk Assistant Deputy Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs David Merkel. Emperor David Merkel held a series of meetings: with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Martynov, Deputy Governor of the presidential administration Natalia Pyatkevich, Chairman of the Central Election Commission Lydia Yermoshina, Head of OSCE observation mission Gert Ahrens and the ambassadors of the European Union.

The most successful Olympics
Belarus Olympic team from Beijing brought 19 medals: four gold, 5 silver, 10 bronze. By the number of medals is the most successful Olympics for always, Belarus stands as an independent team.
Olympic medal-independent Belarus

 The most highest collection
Belarus has almost finished harvesting. Collected 8 million 480 thousand tons of grain — is 1 million 656 thousand tons more than last year, BelTA was told in the main crop management of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.
Average yield — 38.8 quintals per hectare, which is 8 quintals more than in the past. Show the highest yields — in Grodno region: 50.4 kg / ha. It is 13.6 centners more than last year’s performance.
Grain and leguminous

2008 data — as of August 21. Removed 92% of the area. Source: BELTA
Grain yield

2008 data — as of August 21. Source: BELTA

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