Beijing sky became wet

More several days reversing the dream of "wet" the sky could be practically unattainable. Even here there is a perception that the rain in Beijing is a day or two or three a year. And here — pouring. Forecasters promised that the weather still remain …
True, disgrace office of heaven can not be an obstacle to the conquest Awards XXIX Games athletes, especially the Chinese, who in a very short period could already 6 times get rich. Although at present the group race in the midst of the ladies, accompanied shower, Chinese and Korean cyclist counties majestically Chinese walls simply do not fit into the turn and flew in a fairly deep ditch stone. However, local television, every hour scrolling through the results for a day, this nasty incident try not to advertise …
A meanwhile virtually all the inhabitants of Beijing, including and multi-million army of local volunteers serving guests, the mood has recovered — do not leave grins on their faces.
However, with all this, the general atmosphere of the main starts chatyrohgoddya retains rigor and respect for the visitors. As before systems on all sports facilities stroll military and police. For all this they do not even give a hint that this is caused by exaggerated security measures at all the events. Such military divorce is already perceived as a rite of mandatory, which is produced to show the ability of China’s vast human resources.
Flatten afitsyynasts and certain zaarganizavanasts Games shuttle buses that endlessly scurry across many Olympic arenas, because most of the drivers — the ladies. Their grins behind the wheel — is nothing more nor less, and an indication that the work at the Olympics — one pleasure. Tags: Olympics, Beijing, atmosphere

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