Beijing surprises — the weather

In general, while on academic veslavanne as if some evil fate sent down a curse. Yesterday the shuttle bus route from athletes from Greece vyaslyarny channel Chinese minibus crashed. As a result of this accident, according to the latest disk imaging, two people of "Vans" died. Observed the accident and within the Olympic Village, where there are journalists.
In general, the topic of traffic on the Beijing Olympics remains topical. Then recognize that the Chinese are friendly enough without hunting rules of the road: pedestrians can just go to a reddish signal lights, and drivers trivial "undercut" the official transport, which once a day to deliver Sotke routes Olympic guests and moves to the left yellowish band.
Traffic police while can not bring a full order on this front. Violators are not even big scare by Beijing standards fines. For example, if ordinary cellphone camera driver on the Olympic lane, he will send a piece of paper with a request to pay a fine of 200 yuan, which is about 30 U.S. dollars. But when the poor guy to suspend police, the measure of liability increases to 1200-1400 yuan.
And more. Chinese drivers do not like to, so at the municipal room was number 4. According to their belief chatsverka associated with bolshennymi troubles. But the number 13 or 666 — please. Tags: Olympics, Beijing, Slutsky

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